Earth Runners were created to rewild our lives in response to the typical modern domesticated lifestyle, which is causing numerous health, psychological and social issues. Through rewilding we aim to bring stronger, healthier, and more resilient individuals and communities back to our society.

In congruence with ancestral wisdom, we know that we need to spend more time in the wild and less time using modern technology. With our earth-connected sandals, we aspire to restore our relationship with nature and to our ancestral roots.


To help recover our connection with nature and reestablish healthy physical and biological functions.


backpack adventure sandals

One day founder Mike Dally found himself on a far-out adventure with miles of rugged trails between him and his car. On his feet were flip-flops, pretty weak footwear to run with on such rough terrain! As an engineer and creative tinkerer, he emptied his pack to search for tools to strengthen his sandals. Nothing seemed to work... until he found an old roll of athletic tape that had been banging around in his bag for years. After some experimentation, he came up with a design he liked and took off at top speed. Not only did his impromptu sandals allow him to run with great stability–they also took his performance to the next level! Mike became passionate about trail running in sandals and soon came across the world-renowned Tarahumara Natives of the Copper Canyons who wear huarache sandals with a simple, time-tested design for trail running. Inspired by this tribe of barefoot running legends, Mike decided to make barefoot adventure sandals that maintain our connection to the earth, while allowing us to operate and explore, even on the wildest landscape this planet has to offer.

The Way of Barefoot

The Earth Runners team is always finding ways to take a more rewilded and ancestrally-based approach to our health, happiness, and community. A lifestyle we strive to share with our tribe through our sandals. 

Earth Runners promote physical health by putting feet back in contact with the earth. Our minimalist sandals offer ample ground feel, and feature our grounded conductive laces which mimic the primal experience of being barefoot both physically and electrically. This technology enables the feet to engage in earthing, or grounding, which is considered to be the greatest health discovery ever. Earthing offers health benefits including lowering inflammation, improving sleep, and reducing pain.

Our sandals allow you to traverse great distances across all of Earth's geologic and hydrologic conditions while keeping you strong, stable, and secure. Our sandals offer balanced barefoot protection over various terrain, while preserving our proprioceptive and bodily awareness. The minimal yet robust huarache sandal design provide a comfortable fit, allow natural articulation of the feet, and make skillful & dynamic natural movement possible. We hope to help preserve the ancient lifeway while offering the benefits of being barefoot. 

barefoot running


Mike Dally

michael dallyMichael has thoroughly enjoyed projects from a young age. From Lincoln Logs to Legos to draining excessive amounts of electricity through his parent’s converted garage workshop, he has always enjoyed the "flow state" that often arises when creating functional gadgetry in his quest towards growth and betterment. This project-driven disposition has also led him down the paths of health, fitness, and engineering.

Growing up in sports, Mike regularly traveled the west coast playing outside midfielder for his soccer team. Nicknamed "the kamikaze" by his soccer coach, he ditched the pitch for a helmet to try his luck in the ritualized tribal combat known as American Football. Thriving from physical training in a team environment, Mike fulfilled his Libra disposition for balance and community in this high energy setting.

His love for sports transformed into a passion for the outdoors where his next phase of development began. Attracted to the perspective and insight gained from living a more natural lifestyle, he embarked on a journey to rewild his life, modeled after the ancient hunter-gatherers who are our ancestors.

After wrapping up his sedentary responsibilities as a student Michael committed to a career, free of stationary work environments. After graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University he took a year off in pursuit of a vision, and received the inspiration to develop Earth Runners. Since its launch in 2012 Earth Runners has made a notable mark in the minimalist footwear marketplace. Now, Mike focuses on continuing to develop the sandals while building a team to propagate the #RewildBeFree lifestyle with fellow #EarthRunners worldwide.

Colin Evans

colin evansColin is involved in a lifelong love affair with the mountains and other wild environments. Practicing natural movement modalities such as Parkour and MovNat in the wilderness has been known to suffuse his entire being with glee and cause unmanly-like giggles to issue from his grinning visage. Colin is an unabashed gearhead, primitive skills enthusiast, and a father to 4 incredible humans. He is passionate about ReWilding himself and sharing his discoveries with others along the way. Colin believes that Earth Runners are the best all-around footwear both in the city and wild environments, and that freeing the feet is the first step to freeing the mind.

Colin edits and creates online content for Earth Runners, provides design feedback, and gives fantastic advice whether it’s asked for or not.

Lauren Fisher

lauren fisher

Lauren has been passionate about the outdoors since a young age. Growing up a single child, she found solace in nature and all living organisms. As she grew older, she spent all of her free time competing in sports, including soccer, cross-country, track, swimming, and water polo. These activities kept her high-energy soul busy and put her outside most of the time. However, feeling the societal pressure to have a steady job, she took an internship with the Senate in Washington D.C. and returned home to earn her degree in Political Science & Pre-Med from Long Beach State University. After earning her degree, she began a sedentary and unfulfilling career as a full-time office manager. During this time, she felt a strong longing for the unforgiving and raw nature of the wilderness, wanting to spend more time backpacking in the mountains and free diving in the ocean. She finally quit her office job two long year later.

Leaving the office was a major turning point. It made her realize that her life required more freedom, movement and creativity. She then immersed herself in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and nutritionist–but still felt confined to the indoor environment.

With an open mind, Lauren was introduced to the documentary Grounded. Soon after learning the science behind earthing, she discovered Earth Runners and bought her first pair. Having only trained in Asics on her sponsored track and cross-country teams, she had always been taught that the more cushion and support the better. After experimenting with minimalist shoes for training and running, she now exclusively uses “barefoot” footwear. Her feet have remained happy and injury-free since.

Aimée Coustier

 Aimée CoustierAimée loves art, working with words, and the outdoors. She attended the arts-forward Waldorf school in the SF Bay Area and studied linguistics at La Sorbonne in Paris. With an inclination towards research, writing, and illustration she produces captivating visuals and educational content for brands such as Earth Runners. Always a student, Aimée loves to learn and share what she discovers.

Growing up between the beach and the mountains fostered a sense of adventure and an admiration of nature from an early age. A hippy at heart, Aimée has never like fancy footwear or even wearing footwear in general. After getting detention for being barefoot at school, she used henna to "tattoo" shoes on her feet. As you can imagine, she has found her home in the Earth Runners tribe!