Now Hiring New Team Member! Social Media Creative & Customer Service

Social Media Creative & Customer Service

Want to be a part of the operation that brings our web presence to life?
We are looking for an Earth Runner: equal parts customer service genie & creative soul content producer.

Job title: Customer Service and Social Media Management

Job Listing:

We are looking to fill a role that starts at 25 hours a week and can develop into 30-40 hours a week depending on availability and ambition.

Working hours are flexible and all tasks can be done online remotely.

*USA Only*



We are looking to fill a role that starts at 25 hours a week and develops into 30-40 hours a week depending on availability and ambition.

During peak seasons (April-July, November-December), customer service email requires all hands on deck with availability to perform a couple of hours of email support 6-7 days per week.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Main focus

Ability to spot social media trends.
Responding to comments and DMs, posting scheduled content to our social media accounts.
Experience in content creation/social media is preferred.
Passion for Instagram Reels and TikTok videos
You will be responsible for brainstorming new ideas and creating Reels/TikToks.
Must have a quality phone/camera and be comfortable being on camera!
Bonus: Photoshop and Procreate experience: editing photos and creating illustrations / graphics

EMAIL: Secondary focus

You will need to be familiar with how to adjust the laces on our sandals which can be taught quickly to anybody with practical hands-on experience.
You need proficient writing skills (Fast and clear communicator with good grammar).
Ability to connect with people via email.
Answer all questions in a concise and friendly way that makes the customer feel heard and valued.

ADMIN: Remaining bandwidth

Assisting CEO and CIO with administrative duties.
Basic experience with Excel or other spreadsheets programs.
Detail-oriented and reliable.
The ideal candidate has experience in any of the following: customer service, graphic design, writing, creating reels/tiktoks, video editing, website development. Interests in the outdoors, biomechanics, biohacking, ancestral health, and/or rewilding are a plus!

Starting pay [$20] hour

This is a 1099 job without benefits.

If interested, please email us the following information:

1. A short cover letter that explains your interest in working for a minimalist outdoor sandal company on a mission to get more people outdoors.
2. Links to any social media accounts you have or manage.
3. Tell a quick story that exemplifies your communication and organizational skills.
4. Do you have any email customer service or social media experience?
5 Do you have any experience creating Reels, TikTok videos, or any background in video shooting/editing?
6. How often do you anticipate being unavailable to work (on vacation) longer than 2-3 days at a time?
7. Please outline your weekly availability to work this job.
8. Your resume, and past examples of your work (art, graphics, writing, customer service, etc) if applicable. 

Please email your application to hello [AT]