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handmade running sandals

Earth Runners grew organically out of a need for ideal footwear in an age where shoes that actually promote health are hard to come by. The Earth Runners design is in a continual evolutionary flux through crowd sourced feedback and our persistent research development & engineering team. We strive to create eco-conscious sandals that allow for excellent adhesion to the foot, while facilitating natural articulation and connection to the earth.


We manufacture Earth Runners in Sonoma, California with adventure ready materials to create the best minimalist sandals we know how to make. Adventuring with our sandals from the Santa Cruz Mountains to the Sierras, we put them to the test allowing us to stand behind our design 100%.

Earth Runners come with a proper manufacturer warranty for the lifetime of their Vibram® sole. Our warranty covers all sandals with at least 1mm of Vibram® sole material remaining below the forefoot. If your sandal sole or straps break during this time we will either repair or replace them for free -- you are responsible for shipping them back to us for repair. As Earth Runners are a reflection of who we are, we don’t see any other way of doing business. We make our adventure sandals to the highest quality standards with the best materials available.

minimalist hiking sandals

The Way of Barefoot

We create minimalist outdoor sandals that offer the closest thing to going barefoot. Earth Runners are inspired by the huarache running sandals of the world renowned long distance runners known as the Tarahumara natives of NorthWestern Mexico. Barefoot protection such as provided by Huarache sandals increases the range one in is able to cover, while maintaining proprioceptive acuity. The minimal and timeless huarache sandal design undoubtedly had a positive effect on successful hunting and the proliferation of our ancestry. Earth Runners offer balanced protection and ground feel featuring our grounded conductive laces that mimic the primal experience of being barefoot. We are honored to help preserve the ancient lifeway of living afoot while offering barefoot sovereignty to others looking to maintain their primal connection.

earth runners trail running sandals