Earthing Sheets Connect Us to the Schumann Resonance of The Earth

In 2007, a team of researchers from the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health ran a study and concluded the following, “The nature of the electromagnetic environments that most humans are now regularly exposed to has changed dramatically over the past century and often bears little resemblance to those created in Nature”.  “In particular, the increased masking/shielding/insulation of individuals from beneficial types of natural electromagnetic phenomena, the presence of synthetic materials that can gain strong charge and increase exposures to inappropriate electric field levels and polarities have greatly altered the electromagnetic nature of the microenvironments many individuals usually occupy.”

Here’s the problem. Living indoors disconnects us from our natural electric state & hinders our bodies ability to tell time.

Living the majority of our lives indoors exposed to high-frequency-man-made electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) reaps havoc on our biology when disconnected from the natural low frequency EMF’s found on the Earth’s surface. These foreign frequencies interfere with our internal clock’s ability to tell time and coordinate nanoscopic biochemical reactions that are crucial for optimal health. Most people believe that the circadian clock of the brain is controlled exclusively by the light and dark cycles but this is not the case. There are magnetic cells in our suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) of the hypothalamus that coordinate with the electromagnetic resonance of the Earth and its ionosphere. The electrical exchange between the earth and the ionosphere are constantly excited by lightning discharges, creating a global electromagnetic resonance called the Schumann resonance frequency.

As life has evolved here on Earth it not only paid attention to the light and dark cycle, but it ingrained the frequency of the Schumann resonance into our biology. The brain uses this natural resonance along with light and dark to tell time. The master controller of all life is time, and when our internal timing is off, a myriad of missed biochemical reactions result in inflammation.

When we address the current health of the developing world, inflammation stands as the central health issue of our time.

If we consider the fundamental changes in our lifestyle over the past century, what seems to have been over looked is our electrical connection to the Earth. All life has lived grounded electrically to the Earth at every point in life’s history, up until modern times. This electrical disconnect from the harmonizing rhythms of the Earth seems nervous system resonates at the same frequency as the Schumann resonanceto have affected our bodies ability to accurately tell time. Alpha brain waves known for their synchronous electrical activity throughout our nervous system, resonate at the same frequency as the Schumann resonance. This implies that our nervous system uses the Schumann resonance as a fixed reference point to help tell time and normalize the biological rhythms of the body.

Going barefoot connects us to the harmonizing rhythms of the Schumann resonance.

When we go barefoot at the beach or swim in the ocean we share the same electrical potential as the earth and therefore submerge ourselves in the harmonizing rhythms of the Schumann resonance. These experiences reveal the peace and clarity these types of earthing practices bring into our life.  Not to say there are not many other factors at play in this given scenario, but it’s hard to ignore some fundamental factor contributing here.

Earthing Sheets simulate the effect of sleeping in direct contact with the Earth.

Earthing sheet help to avoid emf and static chargeAs an engineer myself, I decided to run my own experiment to test the effects of earthing while eliminating as many of these variables as possible.  I created an earthing sheet made of locally available goods and planned to sleep grounded as I had read about in the book Earthing, by Clinton Ober. This would simulate the effect of sleeping in direct contact with the Earth, while still being in the comfort of my own bed. I attempted to replicate the protocol used in the earthing studies I had read. I did this by creating as much surface area between me and my earthing sheet as possible, and also made sure to connect my sheet directly to a stake in the ground out my window.  I created a video showing how I made my earthing sheet, in hopes that others can run the same experiment and experience the same remarkable results that I did!

Listen to the neurosurgeon.

For further reading on how Earthing can help normalize your circadian cycle and avoid the harmful effects of high-frequency-man-made EMF, check out EMF 1: Does Your Rolex Work? by Jack Kruse. Jack is a practicing neurosurgeon and optimal heath coach who has taken the paleo community by storm in the past few years. He has been sharing his tried and true methods he and his patients have been practicing for the past 6 years with remarkable results.

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  • Stephanie

    totally wanna try this out by myself! I just saw the documentary “beings of frequency”, which was a big eye opener! I am really comitted to reduce the way I expose myself to man-made high frequency. Being out in nature is what my body is really asking for, but when not possible I will use every advice I can find on this issue to tune in with the heartbeat of mother earth! so THANK YOU!

    • Michael Dally

      Thanks for sharing this Stephanie! This documentary is something everybody should see. See why bees, bats, and migratory birds are dieing off so rapidly and learn how to prepare for what is to come. Not greater teacher, protector and provider than Mother Earth. Make the connection!

      • Angel

        Wow… Thanks for all this info! I’ve suspected, and now been told, that my 6 year old daughter is very affected, or unusually sensitive to EMFs, “dirty electricity”. Probably responsible for half, if not all the crazy ADHD/OCD/Aspergers, etc, diagnoses, chronic inflammations, immune challenges, and unbalanced, impulsive, and overly emotional behaviors! Shes probably always thought that what we would refer to as “uncomfortable” was “normal” -not ever knowing/experiencing any other way – so never knew how to express it specifically. She probably just thinks “this is life”… Her small bedroom has the dang breaker box to the whole house on the other side of the wall (laundry room)! A plug is by her head, and her sleep time music is played on a cd player that maxes out on the meter. Oh boy… Ive got a lot of work to do. I don’t think a simple Himalayan salt lamp is gonna cut it! Any guidance or direction would be appreciated. I’ll try to fix this a little at a time as I can try to afford it. Having a child like this can wipe you out financially… As if it weren’t already tough enough. I’d be willing to bet this is the crux.

        • Michael Dally

          Hey Angel, Thanks for sharing all of this, I think you’re definitely onto something. Here is what I would recommend: move her bed as far from the breaker as possible as well any plugs or appliances. With the breaker so close to her room is sounds like you can easily turn off the power to her room every night. This is a very effective way to minimize EMF in a room, and it sounds like a convenient option for you. You may have to run an extension cord to her room for her night time music, but be sure to keep it far from her bed. Maybe even try to go without it. I personally think sleep in silence is best, but this may be different for other people. Create as much distance from her bed and the breaker box as there will still be other live circuits from other parts of the house creating EMF’s. Finally, I would get an earthing sheet setup for her bed that is hooked up directly to a stake out the window into the ground. Also I would encourage you to have her spend more time outdoors barefoot as it is remarkable how much this can help counteract the harmful effect of EMF. I hope this helps.

      • Matthew

        The above video is kept “private”… so it can’t be deemed of great importance for society or (as stated)… “something everybody should see”.

  • MotherGinger

    Can you not be exposed to Schumann through the air?

    • Michael Dally

      You can, but with all the EMF pollution in our modern environments the ground proves to be a more reliable means. I would imagine that direct contact with this frequency would have a more substantial effect than via air.

  • SR

    How do you think this compares to those magnetic sleep pads like the one from Magnetico? I have been sleeping on a grounded sheet that I bought for almost 2 years and haven’t experienced better sleep or cortisol lowering…

    • Michael Dally

      I was not aware of the magnetic sleep pads until now so I dont have much of a opinion on them. Different from the magnetic sleeping pad, grounded bed sheets are simply to help replicate the experience of sleeping on the Earth – similar to how all living things have evolved here on earth throughout time.

  • Brian B

    I am not convinced this is scientific. The 2007 study you link to does not mention Schumann resonance. I can believe that earthing could help some people – just do not see any evidence that the Schumann resonance has anything to do with it or that earthing yourself would give any exposure to it.
    I like the video about making the earthing sheet.

    • Michael Dally

      Brian you bring up a good point, the Schumann resonance is not mentioned in the article but the article doesn’t really discuss circadian rhythms. With this article I was more putting the pieces together. The hypothesis from the Earthing book states, “natural
      grounded electrical state leads to a much greater physiological
      stability by allowing the diverse bodily rhythms are coordinated not
      only with the light/dark cycle, but with the natural rhythms of the
      environment.” With this article aligns with others who have the same theory like Michael Sandler of Barefoot Running, Dr. Jack Kruse, and the video The Resonance.

      • Brian B

        Thanks for the reply. Actually I have just been reading some information from the Jack Kruse website ‘EMF 1: DOES YOUR ROLEX WORK?’. I had not come across this website before so will spend a bit of time reading a bit.
        I liked the Resonance video but just was not convinced by all of it especially the parts about Schumann resonance as I commented on the Facebook page for the video.
        The part of that video about melatonin was new to me and quite interesting.
        As I understand the brain works on a range of frequencies 0-20 or even 40 Hz not just 7.83 Hz (
        However I like to keep an open mind and will continue to read a bit more.
        Definitely I am suspicious of the safety of microwave radiation as used by mobile phones etc. and think people need to be suspicious of it.

        • Michael Dally

          I am glad you are open to the idea and looking into it for your own stance on the concept. The brain sync system you posted is similar to a unit I have, which is a light sounds therapy setup. It helps to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain into slower more therapeutic brain waves. My favorite combinations is to use my light sound therapy unit-on the Schumann resonance setting, while on my chi machine and grounded of course :)

          • Nick

            What sound therapy and chi machine do you use?

          • Michael Dally

            Hey Nick,

            I use the light and sound synergizer by Audiostrobe with Neuro programer 2 software and the Chi visualizer I got off Amazon.

          • Nick

            Nice! I’m using the Neuroprogrammer 3 as I write this and am ordering a MicroBeatMini from Audiostrobe :)

  • John Liozeris

    But I would not want to be in a grounded bed during a lightning storm.

    • Michael Dally

      Not if you don’t have a fuse installed inline with your ground wire to prevent an electrical surge.

      • John Liozeris

        A tip of the hat to real names.
        Lightning also rises from Earth to the sky, by the path of least resistance. What if that path is from the copper ground rod, to copper wire, to my bedsheet? Will the upward stroke obey an inline fuse? But why take needless chances. I sleep with a grounded pillow which can be tossed when I hear thunder. Costs less that a sheet too. By the way, a surge is what you feel in your trousers when you have impure thoughts. Lightning is a bolt. A fast hot one too!
        So much more on thunder here;

  • Sciurus

    Buildt min just as we speak and it works like a charm :D just touching it makes me feel that things are happening :D

    Total cost about 20$ and still have materials for 2 more ;)

    A simple question: what meterial should the window screen be to have the best resault?

    • Michael Dally

      I use a steel screen which is better than aluminum. Stay tuned for my earthing sheet update, I have an upgraded system I will be doing a video on!

      • CozzyElectron

        looking forward to that… I have used some sort of screen – no idea if its aluminum of steel – how can you tell?

  • Sara

    I would like to try this please state all the materials needed and from where to purchase

    • Michael Dally

      Hey Sara,
      You will need these supplies available at most hardware stores:
      -Steal window screen that looks silver with no coatings on it
      -A wire long enough to run from your bed to outside
      -A metal stake to hammer into the ground (the longer the better)
      -An inline fuse that you can find in the auto department.
      These are all the main components you will need to put together an earthing sheet.

      • Matt

        Hi, I bought a multimeter to try this myself. I have a few questions!:

        When I touch my computer (I thought this would ground me) the voltage seems to go up if?

        I have a lot of electrical devices in my room in a small space (PC, laptop, electric piano, Tv, lamp) but my voltage is low (0.008) when I’m in bed. Is the multimeter not sensitive enough?

        Are there any particular settings i should use on the multimeter? I have an “auto arranging” model.

        Thanks for any help!

        • CozzyElectron

          I found that when my laptop is unplugged from grounded power source and connected to an ethernet cord, my body will go up drastically (20V+ AC). I wonder if you’re having same scenario?

  • Michelle

    I was so excited to find your video on how to build an earthing mat since I really feel as though I would benefit from one. I busted out my voltage meter and I could not get a reading. I rent an apartment in a very old building that was not wired to have a ground, so now I wonder what I should do. I’m not sure that it would be a good idea for me to run a wire out the window and into the ground, so I wonder if there is any way I can get around this issue. My other thought is that I build a mat to put on my chair at work since I sit at a computer all day. Do you have any thoughts on what to do? Thanks!

    • Michael Dally

      Hey Michelle,
      I didn’t mention this in the video, but grounding to the metal plumbing in your house can be very effective. Some newer houses have plastic pipes but this doesn’t sound like it will be a problem for you. I have read good things about this technique. I would prefer this over plugging into a ground port in the wall. Good luck and let us know how it goes

  • gillfinn

    Hello, I’m only able to find aluminum screen. Will this work for grounding?
    Thank you.

    • Michael Dally

      Hey Gillfinn,

      It will work but it is not as conductive as steel. Someone else commented on molecular structure of aluminum compared to steel. They said its ability to transmit resonant signals was limited more some reason due to interference of some sort. I think was a YT comment. Cheers

      • gillfinn

        Hey Michael,
        Thanks, I wondered about that, it’s just so much more prevalent than steel now. I ordered some stainless fine mesh screen from Ebay which may work better anyway as the aluminum is a little stiff.
        Thanks again for your help. g

        • Michael Dally

          The best option for comfort is conductive fabric which you can find here>

          • Clancy

            An Earthing product with way more silver than any other product can be found here》

  • Matt

    Thank you for taking the time to explain all this!

    • Michael Dally

      My pleasure :)

  • Janette Lang Pineau

    Hello Michael,
    Thanks so much for taking time to make this great video.

  • Janette Lang Pineau

    Hello again. this is a short version of my original post. I guess it must have got lost when I signed up to enable me to post. :(
    So, I ran out and bought all the items to make this grounding mat. My concern is dirty electricity. How can I and/or should I be checking for this in my home sockets before grounding? I have a lower reading before I ground than after. I wonder what I am doing wrong? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks for ur time.

    • Michael Dally

      Hey Janette,
      I am not familiar with any devices that test for dirty electricity but I don’t doubt that they exist. Due to my easy access to ground via a stake in the ground I haven’t been forced to a ground to a power outlet in my house. There are so many factors at play when hooking up the circuitry of the house which is why I encourage a direct connection. Its hard to say what is causing your increase in voltage but you may wan to double check how you are testing and your ground source. Cheers

      • Janette Lang Pineau

        Yes, I will just go thru the window to the ground. I want to ground my 80 yr old mother who lives on the 5th floor of an apt so that will just have to go into an outlet. thanks again for ur help. My next move will be to try a different floor in my house and then I will try another house and see what gives. I’ve built various electrical projects before so I know my meter is good. I’m just stymied but all is good. :)

        • Michael Dally

          Hey Janette,
          One option you may want to consider is grounding via the metal piping in your house/apartment. The idea is that these pipes come from under ground and act as a really long ground rod/wire. I have not experimented with this myself but I have read about others who have had success with this technique. Cheers

          • Janette Lang Pineau

            that’s a great thought also…thanks. Today I am off work so I will go and buy a socket checker and some grounding wire. What’s the gauge u r using?

          • Michael Dally

            The thicker the better, but any gauge will work. Not sure the gauge of my current wire but it is thick and expensive.

          • Janette Lang Pineau

            Hi Michael. Just wanted to let u know that all is working fine re: my grounding. My meter automatically switches to MV from V. Didn’t realize this thus my frustration over weird readings. I realized after much frustration that down in the right-hand corner was displayed a very, very tiny mV instead of V. Problem solved! :)
            So thanks for all ur help.
            I have another question that maybe u or ur readers could help me w. I’m trying to source the conductive rubber plugs pple are using to put into shoes and sandals. I saw them doing it in the movie, Grounded.
            I live in Canada and I will NOT be paying some woman $150 for a $20 shoe w a 5 cent piece of rubber in it. Flip flops r not an option this time of the year.
            Take care and Happy New Years!

    • Tom

      try reversing the leads. black =negative and goes to ground. red = positive .

  • OrganicLivingDrew

    Where did you buy the volt meter and what is the name of it?

    • Michael Dally

      It’s available on Amazon: AMPROBE Pocket Digital Multimeter, 600V, 34 MOhms

  • CozzyElectron

    I have been looking for the earthing + Schumann resonance connection. My inquiry is:

    Does my earthing mat have an EM field that is the same as the 7.83Hz Schumann Resonance?

    If I am earthing with earthing products that are connected to a stake in the ground, will I be getting Schumann Resonance any more than I would be by just sitting here?

    I am aware that the EMF soup severely limits our exposure to 7.83Hz but does earthing affect our exposure to Schumann Resonance without going outdoors (which I love to do!)?

  • Fred

    Michael, cool ideas for inexpensive grounding. As a safety precaution, you should warn people that when wiring the ground pin on the hardware store plug, be careful and make sure that wire is NOT going to touch the hot (120VAC) pin or the neutral pin! Maybe just remove those if you can!

  • CozzyElectron

    I converted some old shoes into earthing shoes out of some copper wire, some foil duct tape, and my old sketchers lol

    So easy and now I can walk around grounded until I by some Earth Runners!!!

    See how I made my shoes here:

    Also, I’d like to invite anybody interested in earthing including Michael the EarthRunners family to join the discussion over at

    It’s a small but growing community and we’d love to meet you there!

  • Alan Jimenez

    Which duct tape are you using?

    • Michael Dally

      The stickiest stuff you can find.

      • Alan Jimenez

        Can you point me to something specific that I can maybe get on Amazon? Because most people there recommend not using the duct tapes for anything related to electricity, so it got me confused. Thanks

  • naturally paleo

    Please link to the supplies needed for this project to be a success if you join up with affiliate program you can link to the precise products that are needed for this setup and you can start earning commissions today. I can only find fiberglass mesh not stainless steel, is that what you’re using? I am trying to spread the word here in Peru about earthing and would appreciate some resources, thanks.

    • Michael Dally

      Hey Dan,
      Thanks for the idea with the amazon affiliate list, I will try to make this list when I get a chance. In regards to the window screen I use one made of steel. From what I understand steel is more more conductive and coherent than aluminum. Cheers

      • naturally paleo

        No problem man, amazon is awesome, you get a commission off anything people buy in amazon after clicking your special amazon link and because it’s a trusted brand you get a lot of impulse buyers.
        I’ve never seen such flexible steel before only fiberglass, what kind of steel is yours? Since I live in South America I would like to have a steel mesh like yours shipped to me. Did you buy it from home depot or Rona?

        • Michael Dally

          If you are going to go to the trouble of ordering some screen from over seas you might just want to go with some conductive fabric as mentioned in our upgraded earthing sheet video.

          This is more comfortable and more conductive. Cheers

          • naturally paleo

            Hey Michael I really appreciate your new video I will be sharing it with others for sure. I went on and they seem to have quite a selection for earthing bedding fabrics, did you buy their “Staticot Shielding Fabric” at the link beleow? You have no idea how much I appreciate this link man.

  • Sheila Israel

    I went into one of these helpful hardware stores nearby to see if I could get the materials to make the grounding sheet. I don’t have electrical background, but I will be doing this with help from the hardware store . They just never heard of the grounding sheet. Could you please tell me what guage or range of guages I should purchase. The hardware store person said that for grounding the wire should be solid, not braided — just wanted to check on that with you. What is optimum length of wire?

    I bought basic electrode grounding kit which includes a tester to test outlet for proper grounding and will be using that for this project.

    Thank you.

  • Sherry McCart

    Hey Michael, I was just wondering where you purchased the conductive webbing material that you had the Silverell fabric sewn to. I am planning to buy the items for this project then present them to my husband to assemble, he likes stuff like this diy project. I can sew the fabric myself so I won’t have that expense. Thanks for the info and the videos. I can’t wait to get grounded I truly feel that grounding will benefit both my husband and I a great deal and will most likely buy enough materials to make an extra sheet for my parents. My dad is 80 and has Parkinson’s disease and am hoping it will help him. Thanks again!

    • Michael Dally

      Hey Sherry,

      The conductive webbing is something we use on the conductive laces of our Earthing sandals and is therefore propitiatory information we don’t give out. If your interested in a piece sent us an email and send you out some for a reasonable price.

  • Don

    Michael, after talking with my younger brother ( who is an electrician ), I would recommend putting a 2.5amp( or smaller if you can find one) fuse between the plug (ground part only) and the wire to the grounding sheet for these reasons; 1) if the house, apartment, or whatever building you are using the grounded side of the plug is ever hit by lightening, the current can come through the grounding side of the plug as it is going through the house wires to the outside ground and 2) if there is ever a dead short that occurs on the circuit that the ground plug is connected to, the current will flow through the ground plug ( and the pad, strip, etc.) as it is going to the outside ground…in both cases, it could ruin your day !!! The best and safest method is to run a ground wire from the ground outside that is as far away as possible from any outside electrical box(es) and overhead wires as possible ( feedback of emf). Hope this is of help..,Don

    • Michael Dally

      Hey Don,
      Thanks for sharing, you bring up great points that I think is good for people to be aware of.

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