iON SYNC® Plugs for Earthing Shoes

iON SYNC® Earthing Shoe Plugs are the result of years of research and development to devise a highly durable and conductive solution for enthusiasts of grounding shoes. This proprietary material is infused with a conductive lattice that facilitates the flow of electrons through the polymer, providing conductivity similar to that of medical electrode patches.

When installed through the soles of shoes, iON SYNC® plugs offer users an unparalleled earthing shoe experience that replicates the benefits of being barefoot, allowing for electrical flow between the body and the earth. With the introduction of iON SYNC® Earthing Plugs, a durable and effective earthing shoe solution is now available, revolutionizing the possibilities for individuals seeking a connection to the earth through their everyday footwear. These plugs are offered in three sizes, suitable for grounding shoes with thicknesses ranging from 4-15mm (3/16 - 5/8").

learn more about earthing:

Earthing, also known as grounding, is when your body is in electric contact with the earth. The earth is a giant electron storehouse with a subtle electric pulse called the Schumann Resonance that has fostered the evolution of biological life on earth for all of time. When you are electrically grounded, whether by being barefoot or by wearing earthing shoes, your biology has access to an endless supply of electrons allowing you to function as you have evolved to, entrained to the 24 hour circadian rhythm of the earth which orchestrates normal diurnal hormone patterns.