Sandal Comparison Chart





Brief Description

Our thinnest and quickest drying sole which offers the most ground feel.

The ultimate barefoot water traction, wicking, cotton footbed for aggressive traction.

The best of both worlds: comfortable lifestyle straps,  wicking footbed & traction in wet conditions.

Our thickest cushioned sole for those new to minimal footwear or looking to go the extra mile

Sole Composition

7.5mm Walkbase® Outsole

1.5mm Earth-Grip footbed
7.5mm Vibram Outsole

1.5mm Earth-Grip footbed
7.5mm Walkbase® Outsole

1.5mm Earth-Grip footbed 

9mm Vibram Outsole

Cushion / Moldability

Ground Feel




What is the right amount of cushioning?
  • While moderate cushion eases the stress on your feet, too much can disrupt proper barefoot technique and increase joint impact.
  • Choose moderately cushioned footwear if you tend to have foot pain.
  • Get minimally cushioned footwear if you have strong feet but tend to suffer from joint pain.
  • Our Alpha model is a great sweet spot for most people switching to minimalist footwear. It provides the perfect balance of cushioned protection, while minimizing disruption to running form.
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