Trail Running Sandals

Go the extra mile in our thickest sandal option, the Alpha. The shock absorption of this low density Vibram sole combined with its remarkable molding capacity make this sandal the top choice for long trail runs.

Hiking Sandals

hiking sandals

Get the most out of your time spent in nature by minimizing the interference between you and the earth. The Circadian stays true to the comfort and freedom of going barefoot while not limiting where you can go.

Walking Sandals

hiking sandals

Don't be fooled by the name Earth Runners! These are your do-everything-sandals, from an ultra marathon to a stroll in the park.

Our Circadian strikes a perfect balance between comfort and ground feel, great for going on walks.

Backpacking Sandals

backpacking sandals

Escape the constraints of society and explore unaltered terrain to reset your priorities.

Our Circadian is great for those with strong feet who are well suited to go backpacking in minimalist sandals.

For those who are still transitioning and building their strength, our Alpha offers a little extra sandal to help smooth things out for the long haul.

Camping Sandals

camping sandals

Don't be caught around the campsite in anything else ever again. Allow your feet the freedom to breathe with the option of taking a refreshing dip if they choose, with the water ready Elemental.


travel sandals

If you're looking for a great all around sandal that is super comfortable, ultra light, and pack-able the Circadian is our most popular model for a reason.

Wherever your travels take you this sandal has you covered.


movnat sandals

Get your monkey on and explore more extreme and demanding movements that challenge your body-mind with our most responsive sandals.

Both our Circadian and our Elemental (vegan) feature a Vibram sport utility tread that offers sure footing no matter the terrain.

Ultralight Sandals

Looking for the thinnest and lightest sandal that feels like an extension of the foot? Meet the Elemental.

Approach Shoe

approach shoe

Every epic adventure should include one good pair of sandals!

Enjoy our Circadian to and from your climb for its traction and comfort.

Water Sandals

water sandals

River trekking, canyoneering or any other water adventure. Travers Earth's geology and hydrology confidently with our Earth Grip footbed and Vibram®Gumlite outsole on our Circadian model.

Slackline Sandals

slackline sandals

Maintain your proprioception and low center of gravity with a bit of extra protection for dismount. Our minimalist sandals also offer extra toe protection for tricking if you are feeling brave. Our Circadian model offers the best thickness for slack.

Paddle Boarding / Kayaking

paddleboard kayak sandal

Looking to keep your float footwear light and able? Look no further. Paddle, swim or venture onto land in your Earth Runners! Our Circadian model has the best water traction.