Tabi Sizing

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23 cm
3.5-4M 5.5-6W 3 36 9" Printer-icon
4.5M 6.5W 3.5 36 9-1/4" Printer-icon
5M 7W 4 37 9-7/16" Printer-icon
5.5M 7.5W 4.5 37.5 9-11/16" Printer-icon
6M 8W 5 38 9-13/16" Printer-icon
6.5-7M 8.5-9W 5.5-6 39 10" Printer-icon
7.5M 9.5W 6.5 40 10-1/4" Printer-icon
8M 10W 7 41 10-7/16" Printer-icon
8.5-9M 10.5-11W 7.5-8 41-42 10-9/16" Printer-icon
9.5M 11.5W 8.5 43 10-3/4" Printer-icon
10M 12W 9 43 11" Printer-icon
10.5-11.5M 12.5-13.5W 9.5-10 44-44.5 11-7/16" Printer-icon
11.5-12.5M 13.5-15.5W 10.5-11.5 45-46 11-7/8" Printer-icon


We recommend ordering a tabi size closes to the overall length of your foot as indicated by the "Downloadable sizing guide." Rounding your foot length up to the nearest tabi size will result in a looser fit while rounding down will result in a snugger fit.


minimalist outdoor sandals

Click the printer icon to print the tabi insole template in any size to compare with your foot and confirm how they will fit. This can be helpful to see how your toes will align with the two toe pockets.

Print & 'try on the shoes' before ordering!

  • 1 -  Click the corresponding size's Printer Icon
  • 2 -  Download the PDF to your computer
  • 3 -  Print the size template in "actual size" 
  • 4 -  Compare with your foot & confirm your size

    • 3.1 -  When printing our templates, make sure the "scale" in the Print Window is set to 100% or actual size to ensure the size is accurate.
    • 3.2 -  If using the Chrome browser, make sure the "fit to page" checkbox is unchecked.
    • 3.3 -  After you print out the template, double check the scale of the template and compare with a ruler.

    • 4.1 -  On a hard, flat surface, align your foot so that your big toe and second toe are straddling the tabi toe division.
    • 4.2 -  Toes should be close to the edge, but not hang over. Want our opinion? Send a photo of your foot on the template via our contact page.

**Reminder: The most common mistake is not having the having the template accurately printed, so double check with a ruler.

How to Measure Your Foot

Stand on a piece of paper with your heel against a wall, and mark the length of your big toe with a pencil. Be sure to keep the pencil vertical. Take this length and find the corresponding sizing template to print. Some people like a closer fit and round down, while others round up. 

Alternatively, you can set a flat ruler on the ground and step on it lining the furthest back our you heel with the zero, and then measure the length of your longest toe while keeping the ruler inline with the midline of your foot.

With the Ion Sync® - Sports Jog Tabi shoes, sizing down can allow you to wear your laces looser, and slip the tabi shoes on and off without having to tie the laces. Sizing up will provide more room for thick socks, and the shoes will need to be tied & untied. Generally, the size closest to your foot length is going to be the best middle ground for a tabi shoe that can be worn with -or- without socks, and won't be too time consuming to put on and off.

Doesn't Fit?

If you're not satisfied with how your tabi shoes fit, return them within 30 days, as long as they're unworn, unwashed and unaltered.

See Return Policy



Shoes are one of the most intimate articles of clothing we use on a daily basis and we understand your dilemma in trying to order the perfect size. We have heard the questions asked in every combination: What size should I get? How should the tabi shoes fit? Does this size fit me? Is this size too big? Is this the right size? What do you think of this size on me? Is this how it is supposed to fit? Which size looks best?