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Why Strong Feet Are Foundational To Your Health

Feet are a masterpiece of engineering perfectly designed to support a healthy, strong, lean, agile, nimble and pain-free body.

Healthy footwear should have no negative impact on our health, while poorly-designed footwear can lead to unhealthy posture and even injury.

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5 Tips to Transition to Minimalist Sandals Safely

More and more people are beginning to discover the health benefits of wearing minimalist shoes and sandals. In this blog post, we focus on transitioning to minimalist sandals safely. Because, while modern shoes are a recipe for disaster, they’re probably what your feet have been trained to work with with for most of your life.

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Chi Running: Proper Barefoot Form - Forefoot Running

If our bodies evolved to run, why are up to 79% of modern day runners injured each year? In this blog, we break down the strong influence modern running shoes have on your form, and how implementing minimal footwear with a conscious chi running practice can lead to a more natural form with lower incidence of injury.

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Barefoot Running: 5 Tips for Getting Started

Barefoot running has been credited for preventing most common running related injuries, strengthening weak muscles caused by shoe induced atrophy, and raising awareness of the capabilities of our body in its natural unhindered state. If you are new to barefoot/minimal running, try these 5 simple tips so that you can successfully enjoy the benefits of barefoot running injury-free for years to come.

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EMF Protection: Biohacking Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Sleep is an essential biological function and EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation is one of the most overlooked factors affecting optimal sleep in the modern day. While you’re asleep, your body is recalibrating and regenerating itself to function optimally.

Devices that emit electromagnetic frequencies have completely infiltrated our society; most of us have EMF radiation in all rooms of our house—including the most fundamental—the bedroom. Here's how to hack your bedroom for better sleep.

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Forest Bathing: The Benefits of Nature Forest Therapy

There are so many benefits to be gained by spending time in nature that the term ‘forest bathing’ has been dubbed, and in some places it’s actually a doctor-prescribed treatment. Benefits include: aligned circadian rhythm, boosted immune function, lower stress hormone levels, microbiome diversity, & more!

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Tips & Exercises for Healthy, Pain-Free Feet

From narrow toe boxes, to raised heels, to cushioned soles and stiff arches—most modern footwear subjects our feet to all sorts of confinement and artificial support. Read on to learn the "toe-ga" exercises best for improving dexterity and reducing the occurrence of injury.

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