DIY Earthing Shoes, Sheets and Patches

As part of our mission to re-connect with Nature, we have put together some valuable resources on grounding shoes, sheets, patches.

DIY Grounding Sheet for Under $50


This DIY earthing sheet can be done for as little as $50 (depending on which size sheet you choose) and only takes 5 minutes to get set up.✅

Many earthing sheet kits use a cord you plug into the ground hole of an outlet. This can work, but also opens up the door to tapping into dirty electricity.🔌 Plus, even if there's not a scientific explanation, something about grounding into an electric circuit feels wrong, but connecting to a conductive copper rod set directly into the earth feels so so right.🤌

And of course we tested it! Check out those results: a before voltage of .086 and AFTER (2 fingers touching the earthing sheet) it dropped down to .004! 

This Earthing Sheet (different sizes available) and earthing rod are what we used!

You only need 2 things:
Earthing sheet
Earthing rod

1. Place the earthing rod into the earth, with one end of the cord attached to the top of the rod.
2. Route the cord from the rod into your house– by squeezing it through the edge of your window screen. It's skinny so it fits, and you can still shut your window over it!
3. The other end of the rod's cord connects with the male side of the earthing sheet cord.
4. The other end of the sheet's cord is a snap that attaches directly to the earthing sheet, made of conductive silver & cotton thread.


How To Make Your Own Earthing Sheet


Living indoors disconnects us from our natural electric state & hinders our bodies ability to tell time. Earthing sheets simulate the effect of sleeping in direct contact with the Earth and reconnect us with the Schumann resonance.


Earthing Sheet: How To (Upgraded Setup)

 For this upgraded earthing sheet setup, we used this Silverell® Fabric.

Shoe Sync - Earthing Shoe DIY Kit 2.0

Ground any pair of existing shoes with our DIY earthing shoe kit. The kit includes all the materials and tools to convert your trusty trail shoes to be more barefoot. Shop the Shoe Sync DIY Kit here.


How To Make Earthing Patches & Accelerated Recovery ($50)

Make your own earthing patches for under $50. Athletes utilize earthing patches for the ability to direct antioxidant electrons directly to sites of soreness, muscle tightness, and injury.

List of components:

1. Ground Rod 3/8''x4' 

2. 3.5mm Mono Male to Female Extension Cable 25ft 

3. 1/4 Inch Mono Plug to 3.5mm Stereo Jack Adaptor 

4. 100pcs 3M Electrode Patches 

5. (2x) Electrodes Lead Wires 

Simply set up the grounding patches and apply them to your body, anywhere you have pain or soreness for an anti-inflammatory treatment. It's as easy as sticking the patches to your skin and then eating a meal, reading a book, or watching TV.