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ben greenfield earth runners earthing sandalsWe tend to forget the frequency of 7-8 Hz, which has been shown to have a healing effect on the body, and to help regulate the human body's electricity after flying on an airplane, or using wifi and bluetooth, or being surrounded by electronics, appliances and cell phone towers, and all these things that tend to deleteriously affect the electrical potential of ourselves.

Now, this 7-8 Hz frequency is actually located on the surface of our the Earth. That's right– our planet emits a natural frequency, a magnetic frequency, called the Schumann Resonance. And when you sleep on the Earth, as you would when you're camping, or when you go outside barefoot, it actually has a profound effect on your health and your emotions.

Ben Greenfield goes out of his way to get in touch with the earth for at least 10 minutes per day to take advantage of the benefits that comes from connecting with the Schumann Resonance.

Ben wears Earth Runners earthing sandals, which feature a copper plug and conductive laces, to reap the benefits of being grounded–even when footwear is required.




If you look at the same sandals that our ancestors would have battled for our bloodlines in, you’ll find something that looks very much like the badass barefoot sandals called Earth Runners.

These are minimalist outdoor sandals–but the cool thing is that they’re not just sandals–they actually have special copper plugs and conductive lacing that stimulates meridian energy channels in your foot, via ‘reflexology points,’ and also cause you to be ‘grounded’ (or ‘earthed’), in the same way as you would when going barefoot.

And as you may know, there are a ton of benefits to going barefoot, like improved biomechanics, stronger feet and legs and bones, improved wellbeing (yes this has actually been researched). You get healthier when you’re in touch with the planet Earth, and a better electrochemical potential of your entire body–including your cell membranes. A lot of stuff going on when you get in touch with the great planet Earth! 

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Ben Greenfield says:

Earth Runners use this grounded conductive lacing system fastened to a copper plug on the bottom of the sandal. When you’re wearing these sandals, you’re actually grounded no matter where you’re at via the stainless steel thread on the bottom of the lace, and a copper plug circuit on the bottom of the sole.
They also sell grounding systems that you can use to outfit any shoe with copper plugs through the sole. I own a few pairs of these things. I’m a huge fan of the concept of earthing shoes.

In an interview with Clint Ober, pioneer in the field of earthing research and author of the book Earthing, Clint and Ben discuss the life-changing benefits of grounding.

"Although I already knew about the importance of having an intimate connection with the planet we live upon, this book blew my mind when it comes to identifying one of the best solutions for chronic inflammation, better sleep, enhanced deep sleep, and much more. Since reading it, I've been traveling everywhere with my grounding sleeping mat, wearing my Earth Runners every day, and my boys have barely even touched their shoes. So obviously, I had to get Clint on the show!"

Earthing & Inflammation

earthing reduces inflammation from earthing movie

You don’t have arthritis, you don’t have cancer, you don’t have all these other health disorders: what you have is chronic inflammation. If you're reducing pain, what you're doing is reducing inflammation because you can't have pain in your body unless you have chronic inflammation.

When there’s a damaged cell, neutrophils (a type of white blood cell) come encapsulate it and release an oxidative burst of free radicals to destroy the pathogen–which within nanoseconds will steal an electron. If you're ungrounded, the only electrons are going to be those that belong to healthy cells.

Without earthing, these free radicals can leak into the surrounding tissue. Then the free radicals will steal an electron from healthy cells, damaging the healthy cells. A message goes out to the immune system and so begins a chain reaction. Silent, chronic inflammation that can continue for years.


Earthing & Blood Flow

earthing improves blood flow

Electrons enter the body and they coat the red blood cells so that they repel each other, making it impossible for the blood to clump. Earthing lowers blood pressure, reduces blood viscosity, and makes blood easier for the heart to pump.

In one study, 13 high profile medical professionals took part in a study in which they got their blood drawn: they all had thick, sticky blood. After 30 minutes of grounding (using grounding patches), their blood has separated perfectly with appropriate distance between all the red blood cells.

The researchers measured electrical surface charge of RBC: it was increased by factor of 2.7 (huge!) After earthing, the red blood cells repelled each other like magnets. Color returned to the participants' faces because blood was able to make its 
way into the capillaries more efficiently, spreading out and reaching all the tissues.

Essentially the blood achieved more laminar flow by arranging in single-file-lines into the capillaries, as opposed to turbulent flow of sticky ungrounded blood. 

Listen to Ben's podcast with Clint Ober here.


Learn more about earthing from Clint Ober and other medical professionals and researchers in the Earthing Movie.


Ben Greenfield's New Book: Boundless

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Ben Greenfield, New York Times bestselling author, health and fitness leader, and long-time supporter of Earth Runners, offers a first-of-its-kind blueprint for total human optimization with his new book, Boundless.

Boundless guides you every step of the way to becoming an expert in what makes your brain tick, your body work, and your spirit happy. We at Earth Runners are excited to be featured in his new book! 


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