Brian Mott


  Highland Falls, NY

Current town:  Highland Falls, NY

Main Activities:  Trail Running, Hiking, Snowboarding, Camping

Loves:  Love for the outdoors! = Anything and everything outside, I’m up for the challenge!

Running Advice:  It’s so simple, yet overlooked constantly. Just get outside, have fun, and move freely. Consistency is your best friend. No need to stress about pace, heart rate, or miles. It’s what we humans were designed to do. Just start there and watch yourself grow!

Spirit Animal:  Humming Bird

Relaxation:  Cold IPA and a guitar

Favorite Food:  Banana

Favorite Place:  Bear Mountain

Work:  Trail Builder & Ski/Snowboard Technician

Quirks:  Can’t sit still, constantly moving

Favorite book:  Can’t Hurt Me

Favorite Podcasts:  Rich Roll Podcast, Trail Runner Nation

Favorite quote:  Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast

Inspired by:  Mountains & The Great Outdoors

% of waking life spent in Earth Runners:  I only wear shoes when “they” make me (Trail Building Work)

Advice for those new to minimalist footwear, wanting to try Earth Runners:  People considering sandaling up Be smart, be safe, start slow. You’re not gonna run an ultra marathon the first day you get the sandals in the mail. But if you stick with it, let those paws develop, you’ll be crushing miles like it’s nothing.

Favorite athletic accomplishment from last year:  Completing the unsupported 70 miler Shawangunk Ridge Trail Race with my father.

Active goals for this year:  Staying healthy, happy, and not getting injured while practicing daily movement. Going sub 20 hours in the SRT70 mile race.

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