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Jack Dorsey is very much a biohacker, always looking for ways to improve his routine, health, happiness and effectiveness. Through the iterative process Jack has settled on Earth Runners sandals as his main footwear to support his conscious, on-the-go and productive lifestyle. From an easy slip on to a natural  boost in walking speed, this busy CEO has locked down the most efficient way to get around while reaping the benefits of proper biomechanics and extra sun exposure. Being one of Earth Runners top customers in 2019, we appreciate his support of our grass roots, made in the USA business that originated in our shared home turf–the Silicon Valley.

Most people know Jack Dorsey as co-founder and CEO of both Twitter and Square. Behind the scenes, Jack is a biohacker with an interest in fitness, nutrition, and health. Jack may get flack for wearing "strange sandals," but it's all a part of how he keeps his mind sharp and body fit as a billionaire businessman. 

Jack Dorsey Wears Earth Runners Sandals

"Hitchcock thinks these sandals are actually high end. They have a similar look to luxe and custom sandal designers like CoStume National, Jutta Neumann, Officine Creative, and Cydwoq." ––mashable.com

Jack Dorsey's Daily Routine 

Jack wakes up at 6:15 and meditates for an hour, and then at 7:30 he’s out the door to walk the 5 miles to work (no matter how cold it is) to arrive at the office by 9am. 

It gets my blood going, it gets my mind going. I listen to podcast, I listen to audio books, sometimes I just think. I walk super fast so if you ever see me on the street I look ridiculous, almost jogging. I have shifted my entire outfit to this walk–like I wear all black because if I sweat you can't see anything; if it rains you can't see any of the wetness. Changing what I wore, specifically my shoes, allowed me to get it down to one hour and fifteen minutes.

I'm in the sun. I’m directly walking into the sun the way that my walk is organized so I go directly into the rising sun and try to get as much sunlight as possible and then begin the day.

I wear these running sandals because they are the fastest–they enable me to move the fastest. They are called Earth Runners, earthrunners.com, they are made up in Sonoma. They are super simple, if you have read Born to Run, you’ll be familiar with the running  sandals. They are pure sandals like the Tarahumara sandals.

I usually wear them everyday, which I have been called out for in the press for exposing my toe shoes to the CEO of Goldman Sachs. And I was like man, should I not expose my ugly hands either? Lol I can't be human here?

Dorsey only eats one meal a day, everyday: dinner, around 6:30-7pm, not too late. He then goes into the infrared sauna and does a workout circuit.

He winds down around 9:30, and tries to be in bed by 10pm. He aims 9 hours of sleep, and wears an Oura ring for tracking and accountability. This biohacker understands the importance of good sleep!

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, Gets Called Out for Wearing Sandals 

"Said Business Insider reporter Dennis Green, who first spotted the offending sandals: "You shouldn't subject your office mates to your potentially unsightly feet — even if you are their boss." Perhaps this particular style of sandals will be all the rage in San Francisco-area offices next spring? Unless pedicures become mandatory, we hope not." ––mashable.com

When did it become taboo to flash your feet in business? We must do away with the social requirement to cover your feet in business dealings if we are ever to #RewildBeFree.

There is a correlation between people who regularly wear sandals and outdoor enthusiast. Sporting adventure sandals is an indicator of inherently oriented values and a lifestyle integrated with nature. Sandal enthusiasts are undoubtedly more holistic minded, given their inclination to nature connection.

Don't hate on liberated toes, but rather ask yourself, how domesticated and fragile is your connection?

Jack Dorsey's Renowned Sandals

The Economic Times calls Dorsey the Sultan of Sandals

"Say what you must about his diet, but the evolution of Jack Dorsey’s footwear style is fascinating. From loafers to statement sneakers to thong sandals, the Twitter CEO knows a thing or two about shoes. In 2017, the Internet went into a frenzy when Dorsey was spotted wearing thong-style sandals for a talk with former Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Since then, the sandals have become a part of Dorsey’s wardrobe."

"Jack has been seen wearing these cross-foot thongs a few times. But apparently baring his toes while in the presence of a banker went too far." ––mashable.com

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