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In congruence with ancestral wisdom, it's apparent that we need to incorporate more simple nature-based lifestyle practices and outsource less of our life to modern technology. With our earth-connected sandals, we aspire to restore our relationship with nature and to rediscover our primal roots. Earth Runners are connecting people and landscapes both physically and electrically. 

Primitive cultures live their lives in constant connection with earth by going barefoot or wearing leather soled moccasins or sandals. Earth Runners feature an ancient huarache design that has proven itself for centuries and we feel privileged to help preserve this age-old practice and encourage others to do the same.

  • Wild Food & Foraging: Connect with the land by maximizing proprioception via open toed adventure sandals.
    • Foraging is a rather clairvoyant practice where one looks in often overlooked spots to find un-foraged edibles. Earth Runners are based on the design that allowed our ancestors to hunt & gather over extensive tracts of land.

Remain Connected with the Earth

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"Earth Runners is an ancestral-inspired sandal company, who builds sandals to support a more barefoot experience. They’ve taken the millennia-old design known as the huarache — which is a simple sole with a wrapping lace, one of the oldest designs in history, and upgraded it with Vibram soles and earthing technology, to give you the most minimalist, natural, and grounded shoe experience you’ve ever had.

Here’s what makes them unique. Earth Runners utilize a copper rivet in the sole and electrically conductive laces to create a connected circuit between you and the ground, which allows a free flow of anti-oxidant electrons from the ground into your body.

I’ve always believed in taking a minimalist approach to footwear, often going barefoot when I can. My shoe and boot collection are a reflection of a question I always ask myself: “What’s the minimum amount of shoe I can use for this activity?” It allows me to maintain the most critical connection between me and the planet.

If you are asking yourself the same question, check out Earth Runners.

Huarache sandals made dynamic, long range hunting possible for your ancestors. Earth Runners made them electrically grounded so modern humans can stay in touch with the earth.

Add a pair of Earth Runners to your minimalist shoe collection. Stay grounded, stay connected."

elemental adventure sandal
The Elemental will keep you light on your feet while remaining plugged into the natural world around you. Stay Earth-connected year round. Our Merino wool socks allow you to not only survive during the winter, but thrive! The adventure-ready Cadence sandals provide epic traction and protection well suited for wild and unforgiving terrain.

Earth Runners allow you to traverse all of Earth's geologic and hydrologic conditions while keeping you secure and free. Our sandals offer a balance of barefoot protection from the terrain underfoot and preservation of maximum proprioceptive awareness. The minimal-yet-robust huarache sandal design–the inspiration for Earth Runners–made the skill of dynamic long-range hunting by our ancestors possible. We aim to preserve ancient practices while offering the benefits of being barefoot. Take a pair of Earth Runners out on your next wild food adventure.