Natural Movement Q&A with Stefano Tripney MovNat® Certified Trainer

Natural Movement Q&A with Stefano Tripney MovNat® Certified Trainer

Colin Evans

Tell us a bit about you & your projects?

I believe that people have lost touch with what it means to be a fully functional human being. We've adapted to live in a very forgiving urban environment and as a result have become frail and fragile versions of what we are truly capable of. My goal is to create a more healthful lifestyle by simultaneously adding a variety of movement possibilities into their daily life and encouraging increased interaction with their environment. I encourage frequency over intensity and promote movement in the home, training space, outdoor urban landscapes and ultimately the natural environment. Contextual Movement represents the culmination of my knowledge and skill sets from a wide variety of disciplines: martial arts, Movnat, conventional fitness modalities, outdoor activities, and more. It's about mindful movement in relation to ever changing environments and situations.

What are some of your philosophies that motivate and guide your fitness and lifestyle?

I strive to become a "More Capable Human" and instill this concept and ideal within my community and abroad. I want it to permeate our culture and become an ethos of sorts. I value both the ideas of practicality and play; striving to nurture adaptive and useful tools while maintaining a positive, encouraging, and exciting experience of self discovery.

movnat sandals - earth runners

How long have you been wearing Earth Runners? What made you decide to give them a try?

I started using my Earth Runners around June, 2015. I had been very interested in the work by biomechanist and author, Katy Bowmen, and just finished reading "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall and was intrigued by the footwear worn by the characters in the book. I also despise conventional running shoes and footwear in general during the warm summer months. When I saw these on the Earth Runners' Instagram account it didn't take me long to print out the size chart and place the order! 

hiking sandals - earth runners

What do you like best about them? How do Earth Runners affect your movement practice?

The day they arrived I strapped them on and went out for a "little" run. As I started to get a feel for them the run quickly morphed into a complex trail/obstacle boogie! I was soon leaping over rocks, vaulting over fallen trees, jumping onto and scrambling over boulders. It was no longer a matter of what they could do but rather a test to find the limits as to what they couldn't! I have the video to prove it! I've since hiked and run in the Canadian Rockies, hiked and camped in the old growth forests of Vancouver Island, ran beaches and climbed various structures in Italy and northern Europe, explored the ancient landscapes of the Alberta Badlands, and evaded cacti and snakes in the deserts of New Mexico all while wearing my Earth Runners!huaraches sandals - earth runners

They are also my daily footwear all throughout the warmer months up here in Canada. However, coupled with the Earth Runners wool socks, they also come out for milder, snow-less days during the fall and winter!

Stefano Tripney

Stefano Tripney - Contextual Movement Coach
Level 3 MovNat® Certified Trainer