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We have taken the ancient running huarache and created our own modern adventure sandal rendition which has proven to be the most simple, secure and free lacing system we have encountered in our 5 years of in depth research and development on land and water. We have torture tested endless numbers of prototypes where we tried adding and removing materials of all kinds to the lacing system and have not come up with anything that is more efficient or effective than the tried and true minimalist lace design of the ancient huarache sandals.

Circadian Adventure Sandals

Circadian Adventure Sandals

The design elements of this system are crucial given the minimalist construction and demanding role of our single lace binding mechanism. It has taken years to understand what is specifically required to create ever higher levels of performance from our lacing system as it continues to evolve. From tensile strength/stretch,  to water performance, there are seemingly endless variables. After fully understanding the required functions of our lace we have been working with specialty mill manufacturers to design the ultimate water performance lace. This has involved much testing, trial and error to determine what material combination would achieve the greatest longevity, function and comfort on both land and water.

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Our new Performance Grounded Conductive Laces are finally here! This new lace construction is designed to stretch very little under load (or when wet), while remaining comfortable and stylish. The lace is made up of a soft hydrophobic core with a fine abrasion resistant outer sheath. Inspired by the fascia of the human body, we wrapped our core lace material with a high density outer skin to increase the overall structural integrity of the lace. Our proprietary high strength core lace material is covered in a smooth and durable outer layer to keep the lace under continuous compression resulting in less stretch and more performance. The outer sheath wraps all the way around while leaving a gap down the top center third of the lace. This allows the toe post to fold tightly between the toes for maximum comfort.


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Jessie de Guzman
Jessie de Guzman
Where can i purchase this sandals and how much?

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