Sandal Release: Leather & Slip-on Laces

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It has been an exciting sea
Earth Runner, Santa Cruz workshop
son for Earth Runners having transplanted to a new workshop in the Santa Cruz Mountains with Mount Madonna Park out the backdoor! Our inspiring new headquarters combined with a great deal of very helpful feedback from our tribe has led to furious experimentation. Trying to come up with the perfect sandal that incorporated all your input in a simple. durable, grounded package, we soon realized that there was no way to create one sandal that covered everything. We expanded our view and came up with three!

Slip-on Laces

slip-on earth runners
Simple is sexy! Many people love the simplicity and comfort of our huarache lace design but valued more ease in daily slipping on and off the sandal, rather than using their sandals for the intense physical activity that our normal laces support. Incorporating your input and requests for a more casual option, we created a one of a kind slip-on lacing system with grounded and ungrounded options. This fashionable new design is super simple to adjust and easy to slip on and off. So easy in fact, a three year old can do it (Video). The thong is made from the same nylon as our original lacing and attaches to an elasticized material which makes up the remainder of the laces. The fit is adjusted with a metal buckle on the outside of the ankle.

eXtreme Sandals

For those Earth Runners that live in their sandals and find themselves backpacking, base jumping, or signed up for a 50+ mile trail race we developed the X (eXtreme) series. The X models offer more protection and longevity than the originals and utilize lacing routed directly through the sole for added security. The Circadian X has all the attributes of the original like the best grip, unsurpassed durability, and detailed ground feel while adding an extra 2mm of protection with an 8mm tread. This may not seem like much, but 2mm of this high quality Vibram tread goes an incredibly long way in terms of protection without sacrificing proprioception. The Circadian X is available with or without: bedding, conductive inserts, and is compatible with any of our lacing styles.
Alpha Earth Runners
Similar to the original Alpha, the Alpha X delivers incredible moldability and ground feel for a thicker sandal, while adding a stiff dose of durability and traction to the mix. The Vibram Woodstock tread has become a staff favorite for its all around daily comfort in a sandal that excels at more demanding tasks such as an impromptu backpacking trip. This model particularly shines in long distance walking/running applications. The Alpha X is available with bedding only, and any of our lacing styles.

Premium Leather Laces

In response to the folks who wished for a more natural looking/feeling sandal we developed premium leather laces. They feel wonderful, are amazingly durable, and they look fantastic. Our new leather laces utilize our locking buckle to make securing these laces a cinch.
Check out our new comparison chart of all our models.

Donation Fulfillment to Children in India

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This week I have been busily working on the first batch of Indian kids’ sandals as a part of our company’s donation fulfillment to Seva Sandals, a nonprofit providing sandals since 2007 to impoverished children ages 3-16, in Rishikesh, India.

seva sandals donation
    For every 10 pairs sold, Earth Runners gifts 1 pair of handcrafted bedding-free Ultralight sandals to this worthy cause. Donated sandals help the children maintain quality of life by preventing infections from soil-transmitted diseases and injuries from common hazards like broken glass, metal, etc. 

Next week, Seva Sandals founders fly from California to India with a ‘hand-carried’ load of donated sandals. Let’s help load up their suitcases! Please consider adding on the “Pledge $30 or more” to provide sandals to a child in need in this community. Your $30 pledge is uniquely independent of Earth Runner’s charitable commitments. 

wet earth runners

A big SHOUT OUT to 6 people who’ve already jumped in to pledge a pair for a child. We’re told the kids are thrilled to receive this essential protective footwear. Your generosity is an experience lived every day a kid puts on that pair of Earth Runners, and as we all know too, the real gift is in the giving. 

Thanks to all our backers so far! The campaign (at 88% funding) has been a steady upward progression towards our goal and trending to surpass it, as more people become aware of this unique product. We’re grateful for you spreading the word. A nod also to backer, Jason PC who shares this link to Earth Runner experimental graphs on kicktraq.