Anna MacIntosh


"It’s a one way race."

anna macintosh earth runners
anna macintosh earth runners
anna macintosh earth runners

Hometown:  Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Canada

Current town:  Burlington Ontario

Main Activities Restorative Exercise Specialist, Barefoot walking/hiking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, ice fishing, Yoga and ELDOA teacher, travel, scuba diving, golf, target shooting, surfing, amateur foraging

Loves:  Learning new things

Spirit Animal:  Fox

Relaxation:  Salt water, the beach

Favorite Food:  Watermelon

Favorite Place:  Crescent Beach NS

Work:  Former engineer, currently movement teacher and studying osteopathic manual therapy

Quirks:  Cannot sing to save my life

Favorite book:  Heart of Darkness, J. Conrad

Favorite Podcasts:  Barefoot Podiatrist, The Foot Collective, Nutritious Movement, EatMoveLive52

Favorite quote:  "It’s a one way race."

Inspired by:  My mother and nature

% of waking life spent in Earth Runners:  Mine are on unless I’m barefoot.

Advice for those new to minimalist footwear, wanting to try Earth Runners:  Follow a transition plan if new to barefoot. Otherwise, make sure they fit just right - no need for any extra at the toe, and the straps will soften so they are not too small!

Favorite athletic accomplishment from last year:  Healing a MCL partial tear in my left knee to return to indoor rock climbing and developing better balance on elevated obstacles.

Why Earth Runners?  I have struggled through several brands of minimal sandals to find ones that fit every need. With a relatively slim foot that still needs a lot of splay opportunity, these have been amazing since the first moment I put them on. I believe in the company’s messaging and foundation (yeah restorative exercise), marketing, and I recommend them to everyone.

Active goals for this year:  Complete MovNat Level 1 Certification and The Foot Collective Foot Nerd Program, surf for a week, walk more each week.

Parting words:  I spent 15 years working as a materials engineer and I love the simplicity and effectiveness of your design.