Dana Yaniro

Hometown = Sun Valley, Idaho

Current town = Calistoga, California 

Main Activities = My main passion is trail running and yoga but have recently fallen in love with functional movement flows.

Love = Love for all 

Tips = Pro Tips? Drink water! The simplest way to make a big health impact. 

Spirit Animal = I have a strong connection to Blue Belly Lizards, ever since I was a kid they would let me hold them and chill on my shoulder. 

Relaxation = After becoming a Mama I gotta say my favorite relaxing pastime is a real good afternoon nap! It’s a rarity but when it happens I feel soooooo revitalized!

Favorite Food = Tie between tacos and Thai curry... heaven is a Thai taco! (there is such a thing in Bend Oregon!) 

Favorite Place = Joshua Tree National Park, I spent a lot of my childhood there and it is the very definition of magic to me. 

Work = Fitness Trainer

Your quirk = I am a closet Trekkie And love Star Trek 

Favorite book = The Princess Bride 

Favorite Podcasts = Yoga Girl’s Podcast and any quirky medical podcasts I can find. 

Favorite quote = Do or Do not, there is not try. Yoda 

Your inspiration = My Daughter inspires me to be the best version of me I can and to make the work better for her future! Also my husband who is in the Solar business and works hard to change the energy balance in a sustainable direction. He is my hero. 

Best advice (received) =  My daughter told me to “stop and listen to her world more” I try and stop more often to just be in the world and it’s moments now rather than rushing from one moment to the next. 

% of waking life spent in Earth Runners = I am rocking my runners anytime I have to be “shod” the rest of the time I am barefoot so probably 50/50 

Advice to new Earth Runners = People considering sandaling up - to folks who have never experienced foot freedom I would tell them they’re life changing but you will have to retrain your body in a way and not to be discouraged; but that it will be the best decision they’ve ever made in the long run! To folks I see in other minimal wear - I’d say this is as close as you can get to toe-tal bare footed freedom!! 

What is your favorite athletic accomplishment from last year? Recovering from a breast reconstruction took a toll on my athletic feats last year; however my accomplishment has been recovering and bouncing back stronger both physically and mentally! My first race will be a trail half Marathon in Tahoe this summer. 

What are your active goals for this year? Get back to racing and do some high altitude trail runs like the 3 sisters in Bend Oregon. 

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