FAQ Tab Circadian

Can the Circadian model be worn in water?

Yes, all of our sandals can be worn in water. The Earth-Grip footbed resembles the feel of a mild bare earth equivalent--with superior all weather traction. The 100% cotton footbed will hold some water weight until it has a chance to dry. In comparison, our Elemental model dries much quicker by featuring no Earth-Grip footbed but the trade-off is less effective grip/performance in water.

How do I decide between the Circadian Lifestyle Sandals or Circadian Adventure Sandals?

The only difference between these two Circadian models are the lace, with the performance laced (adventure) sandals costing $5 more than the lifestyle laced edition. The lifestyle laces offer slightly more comfort while the performance (adventure) lace is more burly & secure. They come in different color schemes which may be a deciding factor.

Why is the Circadian the most popular Earth Runners model?

The Earth-Grip footbed provides a comfortable secure experience along with ideal light weight, proprioceptive feel and aggressive traction. These factors work in concert to make the Circadian at home in the backcountry or around town.

Is the Earth-Grip footbed Organic?

The footbed is dyed in small batches using GOTS certified organic dye in Los Angeles California. The fabric itself is not certified organic. The farmers in India who grow our cotton use traditional practices that have been in place for over 100 years--before non-organic fertilizers were introduced.

We laminate the Earth-Grip footbed to the Vibram® outsole using solvent free thermal adhesive.