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earthing shoe diy kit instructions

How DIY earthing shoes test via voltmeter


    1. Can I use the kit if my shoes have insoles?
      Yes, just install the rivet through your insoles.
    2. Are my grounded shoes still effective if I wear socks?
      Yes, here are what our voltmeter tests have shown:
      Grounded shoes + bare feet ~ 100%
      Grounded shoes + socks ~ 90%
      Grounded shoes + sweaty socks ~100%
    3. Can I order more rivets and washers by themself?
      Yes, if you already have the DIY Kit and would like to order more hardware, you can do so here.
  1. Will installing copper rivet allow water to pass through the sole?
    No, the compression fitting created from installing the rivet is water tight if installed to the proper compression outlined in the instructions. 

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