FAQ Tab Tabi Wool Socks

Do the Tabi socks run big?

When you first get a new pair of our Tabi socks they may seem a bit larger than expected, but after their first wash and dry they shrink a considerable amount. 

Do you recommend washing the socks before wearing them?

Yes, similar to most new textiles it's good practice to wash them before use for ultimate comfort. We recommend trying on the socks before washing them to confirm they are a good fit while keeping in mind that they will shrink as discussed above. *Socks that have been washed will not be accepted for returns. 

How do I wash my wool tabi socks?

To ensure the longest lifespan for your 'virgin' Earth Runner wool socks hand wash with wool soap (Woolite), then air dry.

What are the pros and cons of loose fit socks versus a snug fit?

Slimmer snug fit *our recommendation

  • Offers a slimmer and more streamline look. 
  • Smaller socks will stretch to accommodate nearly any size foot.
  • May compress, restrict and slide down the foot a bit.
  • Reduced insulation due to less material surrounding the foot.
Larger loose fit

  • More insulation from the additional material surrounding your foot.
  • Less restriction and chance of the socks sliding down. 
  • The socks may bulge a bit in areas where there is less tension.
  • Smaller snugger fitting socks