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We are excited to share our favorite tools for restoring foot health, strength, mobility, and balance. With the help of these foot restoration tools, join us in the process of rewilding your feet back to their natural state.

Toe Spacers Foot Rubz Massage Ball Toe Expanders Big Toe Resistance Band

Toe Spacers

A simple yet powerful foot health tool to help stretch the connective tissues of your feet–which shorten over time due to anatomically unnatural footwear.

    • Increase circulation to the toes
    • Promote balance and proprioception
    • Restore natural toe splay and alignment
    • Reduced friction, abrasion and irritation between toes
    • Pain Relief from hammertoe, bunions, overlapping toes, and impacted feet.
    • Active-Wear Design: Our toe spacers can be worn barefoot or with any compatible footwear while trail running, practicing yoga, or while chilling at home.

foot restoration tools

Resistance Band Big Toe Stretcher

A useful tool for stretching and strengthening of the big toes, the Resistance Band helps correct misalignment as a result of deformation from narrow toe box shoes.

    • Reduces toe and foot discomfort.
    • Alleviates tension, stretches and aligns toes.
    • Increase circulation; straighten bent toes.
    • Bunion Correction (Hallux Valgus Correction)
    • Retrain the muscle memory in your big toes.

Resistance Band Big Toe Stretcher Exercises:

toe resistance band exercise

1. Big toes up, other toes down;

Then big toes down and other toes up.

Good beginner exercise for toe function.

 toe resistance band exercise

2. Put band around big toes, widen stance for proper alignment of big toes.

Swing from heels onto forefoot, focusing your weight on 1st metatarsal and big toe.

Good exercise for most foot problems.

toe resistance band exercise

3. Put band around big toes, rotate your feet out to abduct

your big toes as far as you can, hold 2-3 seconds.

Good exercise for re-aligning big toe.

toe resistance band exercise

4. Wrap band under big toe, place weight onto this foot, pull band up for resistance.

Raise toes, then push down firmly.

Good for: collapsed feet & plantar fascia

toe resistance band exercise

5. Sit with band wrapped around big toe and pull. 

Good for: achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, & hallux valgus rehabilitation

toe resistance band exercise

5–Beginner’s Modification:

Wrap band around both big toes. Use slow and controlled movements.

toe resistance band exercise

6. Wrap band under big toe, stand on one leg while pulling band up.

Good for improving balance and stability of big toe while walking, running, and even standing.

Foot Rubz Massage Ball

Using ancient acupuncture techniques, the Earth Runners Foot Rubz massage ball applies pressure to relax muscles, reduce tension, and increase circulation. Simply roll the massage ball under your feet and the numerous stimulating fingers of the massage ball will provide soothing relief for sore muscles and stimulate circulation.

Doctor recommended for relief from Plantar Fasciitis. Rehab your muscles and fascia by kneading the bottom of your foot and strengthening your foot muscles.

Control pressure and direct the depth of massage to help ease tension and induce relaxation. Bring it everywhere you go and use Foot Rubz at home, in the office, on a plane. Perfect for sore feet, aches and pain, plantar fasciitis, & arthritis.

Optimal Mechanics Start with Your Toes 👣

Feet are the foundation of the human body. Weak toes can cause biomechanical issues that affect balance, posture, and gait. 🦵

Toe spreaders support strong toes and natural arch strength, improve dexterity and proprioception, and help to restore toe health. 💪

Toe spreaders have reportedly help people dealing with bunions, hammer toes and forefoot pain. 👣

    foot health toe spacer spreaders

    Cold feet? Most modern footwear restricts blood flow to the toes, which can affect mobility and balance. After just an hour of wearing toe spreaders, thermal-photography has shown a noticeable improvement in blood circulation and increase in temperature of the toes.


    Toe Expanders

    Our Toe Expanders are designed to help correct bunions and restore your foundation! They are comfortable enough to wear all day and sleek enough to wear with your favorite minimalist footwear.

    With a wrap-around design, our Toe Expanders are perfect for those suffering from both big toe bunions and pinky toe bunions (tailor's bunion/bunionette). The expanders work by placing gentle pressure on your toes, helping to realign them over time.

    The expanders are easy to use and come in a set of two. Simply place one loop around your big toe, route the band around your heel, and place the second loop over your pinky toe. The expanders can help to relieve pain at the base of your toe joints during walking, reducing the pain caused by hallux valgus.

    Toe spreaders have reportedly help people dealing with bunions, hammer toes and forefoot pain. 👣

    Integrate these tools into your foot care regimen on a regular basis to regain your inherent foot mobility, shape, and range of motion while restoring function and reducing pain. 







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