What Constitutes the Healthiest Footwear?

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healthiest footwear

The healthiest footwear choices are those that allow your feet to function like feet while offering the protection and security you need to partake in your activities of choice. Earth Runners combine the three most important factors of the healthiest footwear to offer a grounded minimalist adventure sandal that facilitates a connection with nature and rewilding the health of the feet: a minimalist design, an earthing feature, and adventure capabilities.

Minimalist Design

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Most modern footwear features a raised heel, narrow toe box, and arch support. This can cause a host of problems as the body tries to accommodate by loading the joints at unnatural angles, squishes the toes (which can cause bunions and nerve pain), allows the arches to become lazy and weak, and starves the brain of valuable biofeedback from the terrain underfoot.

Minimalist footwear, on the other hand, promotes inherently strong & healthy feet by allowing your feet to function as they are designed to. Earth Runners provide the minimal amount of protection required to adhere to your foot and protect against sharp debris underfoot, while allowing your feet to move freely and work naturally. The minimalist soles of the healthiest footwear also allow for ample biofeedback– the texture underfoot sends important sensory information to your brain!

Grounded Conductive Laces™

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In between the Earth and the ionosphere are a series of extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic resonances, known as the Schumann Resonance. When lightning charges the Earth, a surge of negative ions floods the Earth. By connecting to the Earth via grounding (earthing), the human body can benefit from this limitless supply of electrons.

Grounding is anti-inflammatory, and has been shown to regulate circadian rhythm (your body’s internal clock). Connecting to the Earth in this ancestral way can expedite recovery, regulate cortisol profiles, improve sleep, reduce pain, and improve mood. Earth Runners sandals feature this often overlooked component that makes for the healthiest footwear via our Grounded Conductive Laces™ to keep you grounded anytime you are in contact with an Earth-surface.



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Earth Runners are inspired by the ancient huarache running sandal design. This lacing method is time-tested as perhaps the most secure and comfortable footwear design for running, hiking, and outdoor adventuring. We have elevated this design by using the best modern materials available to create the healthiest footwear that is also ultimate adventure-ready: an extremely durable minimalist adventure sandal that promotes proper biomechanics and allows for full foot freedom!


Which Sandal is Right for You?

You're ready to take the dive into the healthiest footwear– now just one thing to decide: which sandal is right for you? 

The best healthy sandal will depend on you and your needs: are you looking for the healthiest footwear for casual daily wear, or a super secure piece of engineering to join you on running and hiking excursions? Use our handy flow chart below to determine your ideal healthiest footwear companion!


which healthy footwear sandal is for you


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