Lars Bjørbæk

barefoot champion running sandals

Location:  Florø, Norway

Main Activities:  Running

  Nature and birds

  Run Slow Be Fast and Eat real food

Spirit Animal:

  Meditation and Foam Roll

Favorite Food:
  Fresh crab

  Running and Blog

:  Barefoot, goes for training everyday, Bad mood without training, health

Favorite book:
  Barefoot Running with Michael Sandler

Favorite Podcasts:
  Primal Endurance

Favorite quote:
  "There’s nothing in the mechanical world that matches the sophistication, complexity, and multi-tasking ability of the foot."

Inspired by: My son who is 3 years old.

% of waking life spent in Earth Runners:  Earth Runners, or barefoot.

Advice for those new to minimalist footwear, wanting to try Earth Runners:  Learn what you foot can do

Favorite athletic accomplishment from last year:  Personal best in 24h running and 5k

Active goals for this year:  Under 3h barefoot on marathon and faster with Earth Runners. Norwegian championship 24h, hope to get barefoot new World Record.

Follow:  @larsbarefoot, Facebook, Norwegian website