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Luke Storey, fashion stylist turned life-stylist, has spent the past two decades developing the ultimate wellness lifestyle by merging the principles of primal health with modern healing technologies. He shares his health and biohacking experiences on his podcast, The Life Stylist.

Rewilding, healthy biomechanics, and interacting with the environment in a natural way are important to Luke. He wears Earth Runners for the minimalist and earthing benefits.

"Earth Runners have changed the way I walk and move in general. Having the ability to use my feet as nature intended has been an enormous gift over the years that I’ve been using this footwear. Combine the thin sole, with the grounded straps, and we’ve now got the next best thing to being barefoot, sans cuts, bruises, and unsightly, dirty feet.

I believe that most human pathology and dysfunction can be traced back to our domestication. The food we eat, the water we drink, the unnatural dwellings we reside in, and most certainly, the footwear we wear to bind and deform our feet.

With some dedication, we can clean up our lifestyle and make some progress in returning to a more natural way of life. But without getting grounded electrically to the earth from which we came, and allowing the full movement of our feet as we traverse our terrain, we will not be living in right alignment with nature no matter how hard we try.

Healing and well-being are only possible when we embrace our innate human behaviors and get back in touch, literally, to the planet to which we belong. Earth Runners makes that not only possible but allows us to look great while we do it."

Water Adventure Approved

Luke wears his Circadian sandals for hiking through mountains with creek and river crossing opportunities: "If you’re going to be in a really wet environment, fabric-coated soles are great because they’ve got a little more traction than the rubber on bottom, rubber on the top soles."

But when he wants a fast-drying sole, or when he plans on being in water for extended periods of time (like chilling at the hot springs), Luke opts to wear his Primal sandals.

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Life-Stylist Style Approved

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"The sandals are designed after an indigenous type of shoe called a huarache. And it’s just by accident that they look really cool and fit into your normal garb. So sometimes I’m traveling in an airport or checking into a hotel or walking down the street and I get compliments on these shoes little do they know, I’m really doing it for the health benefits."

Luke Storey's Favorite Earthing Shoes

Connect to Nature Through Earthing

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One of my favorite products in the whole world for integrating into the natural environment: Earth Runners Sandals

When I’m outdoors, I want to interact with nature in as natural a way as possible.

Earth Runners have a very thin sole and provide the experience of interfacing with the terrain as close as you can to being barefoot without harming your feet or getting them all dirty. Our feet aren’t callused like they would have been evolutionarily. Our feet aren't as tough as they once were, so walking barefoot on grounds with sharp rocks and sticks isn’t always a party. But I want to have that feedback as I traverse through mountains, beaches, wherever I happen to be so that I have the feeling of being barefoot and that’s why I love this minimal footwear.

Additionally something that’s very cool about Earth Runners is that they’re grounded. Meaning they’re electrically grounded through a copper plug on the bottom of the sole that is connected to stainless steel conductive thread that then touches your skin.

The reason grounding is so fantastic is because it truly connects us to nature and connects us to earth, electrically. All humans are electric beings–that’s how our bodies are wired- and we’re wired through evolution to be connected to our natural environment.

With the advent of rubber-soled shoes, indoor living, and rubber tires on our cars, we’ve become electrically disconnected from the earth. If you consider all living beings, for the entire duration of their lives, are connected to a grounded surface (with the exception of course of birds in flight or migration) 100% of their lives–why would we, as biological organisms–ever want to disconnect ourselves from the earth? And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

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The areas in which we slept would have been made from plant matter that’s conductive, or animal skins that are conductive, we would have had our bare feet on the ground or had some sort of footwear that was also conductive. By conductive I mean that it’s picking up an electrical charge from the earth as we touch that surface. We would have never been disconnected from the earth.

Once we became domesticated and moved indoors, we lost that connection.

So when I go out into nature to truly enjoy rivers, running, hiking, the beach, mountains, desert, wherever I go–I want to have as natural an experience as possible.

The benefits of grounding or earthing are heavily scientifically validated. And again, going back to our evolution, there’s a reason why we like to feel grounded and we even use that term. Our body is able to dissipate static electricity as we touch a conductive surface with our bare skin. It also reduces inflammation, produces a sense of well being, and connectedness with our environment.

So I go barefoot whenever possible, and when not possible I wear my conductive, minimal-soled Earth Runners sandals.

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