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minimlaist earthing sandals

Earth Runners are grounded minimalist sandals inspired by the world renowned long distance runners the Tarahumara Native American’s of Northwestern Mexico. Our running sandals recreate that one-of-a-kind primal experience of running or hiking barefoot, while minimizing risk of injury to your feet. Earth Runners sandals minimalist design offers that satisfying "ground feel," while featuring our Earth-Grip footbed that resembles a mild bare earth equivalent--with superior all weather traction. What distinguishes Earth Runners from nearly all other footwear is our original conductive laces™ that allow you to absorb the ever-present subtle electrical energies of the earth through the grounded circuitry of the lace.

Our feet are our body's natural connection to the Earth. Typical footwear blocks the incoming flow of vital bio input present on the earth, and thus impacts our health and how accurately our body is able to tell time (Circadian Rhythm). Earth Runners earthing sandal technology offers energy flow between the foot and earth. Our conductive laces ground you electrically by allowing electron transfer from the planet - direct to your body.