New Earth Runners Headquarters

Colin Evans

In cities and towns across the Northern Hemisphere, green shoots are pushing up through cracks in cement and filling vacant lots with wild flowers. From the depths of the forest to the depths of our hearts, Spring brings transformation and renewal, the energy of the Wild reawakening in a new form. For us at Earth Runners this is an exciting time of rebirth and reinvigoration as we move to a new home. We experienced incredible growth in 2015 and are very excited to be in a much larger space where we can really stretch out and expand to match our dreams as well as the increased demand for grounded adventure sandals! 

We have designed a facility that reflects our belief in conscious lifestyle design. We are constantly innovating ways to make our internal and external work spaces more enjoyable, functional and sustainable. This is reflected in our modular workstations in the shop. Designed with ergonomics in mind, they have the ability to move throughout the shop to take advantage of favorable sun, air, or wherever the beats are most fresh.

We believe that holistic health should be reflected in everything we do with our work environment being at the top of the list. Vibrant health starts with wholesome real foods, and that is why we have a full sized kitchen and communal dining area. Food and drink fuel us while we work and good food and drink make us happy!

Movement and play breaks clear the mind and body and help us to be more productive as well as avoiding injuries stemming from repetitive movement.

If you are local to the North Bay and would like to be a part of the driving force that is steering commercial culture towards footwear that facilitates natural articulation and connection to the earth--give us a holler at! We are currently expanding our team at the new Earth Runners Headquarters in Windsor, California.

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