Eco-Engineered Minimalist Adventure Sandals

Eco-Engineered Minimalist Adventure Sandals

Michael Dally

Over the past 4 years of R&D we have tested nearly 100 different footbed materials in an effort to find the ultimate all weather traction technology for our adventure sandals. We tested numerous synthetic non-slip materials but found them either too abrasive, suffocating to the sole causing sweaty slippery feet or that they simply didn't perform markedly better than our existing adventures sandals. Wanting to cover all our options we began another round of testing involving natural woven materials and stumbled upon greatness. Cotton, arguably the most used natural fiber on the planet. It’s inherent abrasion strength, pleasing texture, mildew resistance, unsurpassed foot traction, absorbancy and natural properties were exactly what we were looking for all along. Needless to say, it wholly aligned with our mission to lighten the human ecological footprint by living more in-tune with the natural world.

Earth Runners hemp earth grip footbed

Earth-Grip Footbed

We landed on an low impact dyed (GOTS certified) cotton canvas material that resembles the feel of a mild bare earth equivalent--with superior all weather traction. Unique to the footwear industry, we have developed our own solvent free non-toxic lamination process. Most footwear produced in the world uses extremely toxic contact cement that is unhealthy for the cobbler, the Earth and not something you would ever want in your bedroom. You can adventure in our sandals sure footed, knowing that your soles are aligned with the Earth through and through. 

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Trail Running in Earth Runners Sandals

Adventure To Beach In Minimalist Hiking Sandals

Candy Rock California in Earth Grip Minimalist Outdoor Sandals

Sierra Mountain Biking in Earth Runners Adventure Sandals


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