2023 Rewild Be Free Facility Updates

Aimee Coustier

Lots of exciting developments took place at the RewildBeFree Facility in 2023! Let's take a look at what the team was up to.

Greenhouse: Our team built a massive greenhouse which will allow us to grow all sorts of beautiful and edible goodness on-site!

The Earth Runners bathhouse was a huge success. Our team has access to our own Shower, Sauna, Hot tub, and Cold Plunge!


Workout area: Our workout area got a nice upgrade. What was once just a field is now part of our exercise area, which also includes a section inside the greenhouse for comfortable nature-connected workouts all year long.

Garden expansion: We majorly expanded our garden area, and have started composting on-site!


Fire pit area and work parties: Several fiestas took place at the Rewild Be Free Facility in 2024, with the new fire pit area central to stoking the warmth and good vibes.

A: Yard graveled area expansion

B: Expanded approach ramp to building #3

C: Dust Collection Shed #2 for increased suction

Outdoor Assembly Shade: Our workshop is located in prime northern California nature, which means working outdoors is a pleasure we're blessed to have. We upgraded our outdoor assembly area by installing two large shades.

Connecting people with nature is what we do. And we practice what we preach! We're proud to offer our team the ever-evolving biohacking and rewilding amenities here at the Rewild Be Free Facility. And we look forward to further developments and upgrades in 2024 🥳

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