Aimee Coustier

Meet Chronos: for the Earth-Connected Minimalist.

We’ve been listening to your feedback and requests for new sandal developments, which is why we are excited to announce the Chronos Lifestyle sandal to replace our most popular Circadian Lifestyle. And, as a bonus perk, we are able to offer the Chronos at a lower price point than its predecessor.

Walkbase® GumEVA Outsole

Chronos is similar to the Circadian Lifestyle sandal in weight, ground feel, traction, and density, but at a more accessible pricepoint, and with a more primal tread pattern, reminiscent of cave paintings.

Walkbase GumEVA compound, the soles for our Chronos Sandals, is an expanded rubber compound with a weight 30% less than solid rubbers and is engineered to be long-wearing, and provides improved grip–even in wet conditions. Learn more about all of our sandal components here.

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