Rewild Be Free: The Earth Runners Story

Aimee Coustier

In 2012, Earth Runners launched on! Our original sandals consisted of contoured footbeds featuring six copper grounding rivets, and our founder Mike was making sandals out of his parents' Silicone Valley garage.

Two years later, we moved into the first Earth Runners facility– a converted barn at the summit of the Santa Cruz mountains. Over the next few years, Earth Runners saw a lot of innovation and new product development (like our grounded conductive laces).

In 2016, we had outgrown our converted barn workshop, and moved into a business park where we brought on more team members and improved our manufacturing & fulfillment operations to meet the growing demand for grounded minimalist footwear. 

The next few years brought exciting new developments, such as our amphibious cotton canvas footbed and performance laces!

Fast forward to 2020: Earth Runners has reached all corners of the globe, and it was time for our next, biggest, and most exciting move yet! We returned to our roots by securing our Rewild Be Free facility in the California coastal mountain foothills. 

We are excited to cultivate an environment where our staff is excited to come to work and both participate in and proliferate Earth-connection. This location provides a beautiful natural environment for our team to work at a variety of standing, sitting, indoor & outdoor stations– as well as plenty of room for our company to grow into.

Earth Runners has come a long way since our humble beginnings in our founder's parents' garage! At the Rewild Be Free Facility, we have really been able to stretch our toes and make huge strides in advancing Earth Runners operations. We have duplicated nearly all our manufacturing stations, increased our fulfillment frequency, added an additional children's sandal model, streamlined new online returns & exchange systems, and advanced our international shipping offerings for our strong worldwide customer base to help meet the demand for foot freedom! 

Living in tune with the natural environment is a big priority of ours– which is we have also started working on our workshop garden and compost, the beginnings of the Earth Runners permaculture endeavor to strengthen our harmonious connection to Nature.

Us at Earth Runners have been tackling garden development projects, including creating concrete curbs from scratch and installing drainage & irrigation. 





Other projects in the works include a 4-zone automated irrigation system where we plan to install an inline water structuring unit and feed periodic batches of aerated compost tea:


And to top it all off, we will be planting plenty of life around the Rewild Be Free Facility– next up are fruit trees! Do you have any plant recommendations for our zone 2 workshop garden? Leave us a comment below!

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