EMF Protection: Biohacking Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

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Sleep is an essential biological function and EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation is one of the most overlooked factors affecting optimal sleep in the modern day. While you’re asleep, your body is recalibrating and regenerating itself to function optimally. This includes physiological repair, as well as mental repair (repairing neurotransmitters and manufacturing neurochemicals). However, in order to do its job effectively, your body needs an environment conducive to getting the best sleep possible. This encompasses visible and tactile factors, like sleeping in a dark and cool room, but also includes other details that are often overlooked, such as EMF protection.

Dubbed “sleep hygiene,” practicing good bedtime habits is just as important as other forms of hygiene, such as brushing your teeth and taking showers. Getting quality natural sleep ensures you are ready to tackle everything the next day has in store and is mandatory for optimal health and athletic recovery! Without further ado, here are some of the easiest and most effective ways to biohack your bedroom for better sleep.

EMF Protection Strategies

EMF radiation is emitted from cell phones, computers, microwaves, wifi, electric blankets, and virtually all other electronic devices. Devices that emit electromagnetic frequencies have completely infiltrated our society; most of us have EMF radiation in all rooms of our house—including the most fundamental—the bedroom.

emf radiation in the house home bedroom sleep

Perhaps due to the novelty of recent tech developments, such as wifi and cell phones, EMF-emitting devices quickly became a staple of modern life. Unfortunately, these devices rapidly gained popularity before we knew the full scope of their biology-altering powers. Through extensive research and studies conducted on the effects of EMF radiation exposure, we now know the health implications these frequencies pose.

EMF radiation can literally alter your DNA and gene expression.[1,2] Think of EMF exposure like a microwave for your body--which works by heating the water molecules though high frequency vibration. As you may know, our bodies are over 50% water.[3] The most mild implication of EMF exposure is feeling tired all the time, due to the constant stress the radiation causes on a cellular level.[4,5] In more extreme cases, these frequencies lead to tumors and cancer.[6]

Most of us have become so accustomed to the symptoms of being around EMF all the time that we don't even realize it. Headaches, brain fog, and inflammation are all symptoms of EMF exposure.[7] This radiation affects you on a cellular level, which actually hurts your immune system.[8] In addition, scientists have found that EMF radiation may actually sterilize men by reducing quality and mobility of sperm.[9,10] Keeping your cell phone in your pocket or using a laptop on your lap puts the radiation right next to "your goods," which can cause prostate and other cancers that lead to infertility.[11]

In the state of sleep, while our fine-tuned biology is in the process of recalibrating, our body is the most susceptible to the disruptive effects of EMF radiation.

EMF Protection: Measures for Better Sleep

The only way to know how much EMF radiation you are being exposed to is by using an EMF meter to measure the levels in your environment. Whether you have an access to an EMF meter or not, there are several known sources of EMF radiation which we can take steps to mitigate.

emf radiation prevention tips guide

  • Put your phone on airplane mode at night. Don’t forget to turn off “location services,” which stays on even in airplane mode. Better yet, turn your phone off altogether.
  • If you use your cell phone as an alarm and need to charge it at night in your bedroom, recharge your phone using a portable cell phone power bank to avoid having it plugged into the power grid near your bed.
  • Use a wifi timer to automatically turn off your wifi at night (and back on in the morning). As an alternative, you could just plug your router into a power strip that you flick off before bed and turn on again in the morning.
  • Avoid sleeping in a bed close to smart meters or live wires. If you have access to your breaker panel, turn the power to your room off at night and use battery powered light in your room instead.
  • Consider a specialized EMF protection bed canopy if you are unable to mitigate wifi in your sleep space.
  • Earthing bed sheets are a great way to help normalize your circadian biology by providing your body the grounding frequencies we have evolved with for millenia.
  • There are some companies, such as Magnetico, that manufacture protective sleep pads. The static magnetic field created by the 300 lb magnets in the sleep pad that goes under your mattress deflects many of the EMF radiation created by home electronics.

Reduce Sources of Light in the BLUE LIGHT Spectrum

In addition to EMF radiation, blue light (a part of the electromagnetic spectrum) is emitted from most light bulbs, tablets, phones, TVs, computers, and other electronics with screens and lights. Blue light emission signals to your brain that it’s time to be alert by mimicking the spectrum of light present in noon day sunlight. Think about it: the sun gives off light in the cool (blue) spectrum during the day, while the evening sunset is warm (composed of red & yellow light). Firelight is also in the warm spectrum, which is the only source of 'man-made' light our ancestors would have seen after the sun went down! Blue light at night confuses the body and alters our circadian rhythm by preventing melatonin from being produced at night, and jeopardizes your overall quality of sleep.[12,13]

block blue light emf radiation blue blocking glasses

  • Reduce your blue light exposure after the sun goes down to avoid jeopardizing your melatonin production.
  • If you have to look at a screen at night, there are apps that limit the blue spectrum your device emits, like f.lux for your computer and Night Shift on the iPhone.
  • If you can’t alter blue light sources, wear blue-blocking glasses after the sun goes down.
  • Avoid fluorescent or LED lights as the sun starts to set. LED and fluorescents not only have a high blue light spectrum, they have a high flicker rate as well, which also disrupts your biochemistry by exposing you to extremely high frequencies (100-120 cycles per second).[14] Switch to incandescent lights for your evening and nighttime lighting for a more natural, warm spectrum, low flicker rate lighting. Candles are the best option offering the most natural form of lighting for our biology.

More Strategies for Healthy Sleep Hygiene

Have you heard of “sleep hygiene”? Sleep hygiene is comprised of several strategies that, when implemented into your bedtime routine, set the stage for a great night's sleep:

  • Avoid working out before bed. While exercising during the day will help you get great sleep that night, working out in the evenings is not in line with your circadian biology and will cause an endorphin boost that makes it hard to fall asleep.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol, coffee, caffeinated tea, and other stimulants at least 6-8 hours before bedtime. Keep in mind, caffeine has a half life of 6 hours and can stay in your body for up to 12 hours, so give yourself an appropriate cutoff time.
  • Use blackout curtains and cover up any sources of light. While blue light disrupts your melatonin and circadian rhythm, any light that hits your body at night (even your skin due to its photoreceptors) can prevent you from getting deep restorative sleep. Avoid light-up clocks, turn off anything in your bedroom that produces light, and use a couple layers of duct tape over any little lights that you can’t unplug.
  • Keep the bedroom cool as it is natural for your body temperature to drop a few degrees during the night. Having a cool bedroom will simulate a more natural sleep environment signaling to your body that it’s time to sleep. Aim for a temperature in the mid 60s, the ideal range conducive to sleep.[15]
  • Stop eating a few hours before bedtime as it hinders your body's ability to allocate its energy to detoxification and regeneration. Ancient cultures would typically eat their last meal as the sun was setting, which is most aligned with our circadian biology.
  • Implement the EMF protection strategies outlined above for better sleep.[16,17]

Ancient Circadian Sleep Strategy

A sleep strategy in alignment with the natural circadian rhythm of our planet and biology simulates the daily experience of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. The therapeutic benefits of these ancient practices are unavoidable in a camping scenario, in touch with the land, and it is up to us to incorporate biologically-friendly practices into our modern lifestyles.


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Forest Bathing: The Benefits of Nature Forest Therapy

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Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home. Wilderness is a necessity.
~John Muir

In present times, we spend most of our time at home or at the office, in our cars driving to and from work, or shopping in buildings. We rarely spend time outdoors, and as we become more disconnected as a species from the natural world, the incidence of modern diseases continues to rise. There are so many benefits to be gained by spending time in nature that the term ‘forest bathing’ has been dubbed, and in some places it’s actually a doctor-prescribed treatment! Ecotherapy and nature therapy retreats have also been popping up around the world.

Forest bathing is a concept that has recently gained popularity in the western world, though the practice was originally developed in Japan in the 1980s, known as Shinrin-yoku.

Forest bathing is the simple art of spending time in nature, and has several powerful health benefits that are backed by science.

Kaiser Permenente, REI, Medium, TIME Magazine, National Geographic, Harvard University, and more leading experts on health and nature have begun to acknowledge what we innately know: nature is not just a "nice-to-have" – it's a "HAVE-to-have"!

Benefits of forest bathing include:

    • Decreases adrenaline: After breathing in the negative ions prolific in native environments, there is a measurable decrease in adrenaline, which is part of why spending time in nature is so relaxing.
    • Boosted immune system function: One study found that after only 3 days of forest bathing, participants had a 50% increase in natural killer cells (important cells which keep you healthy). A natural oil called phytoncide, which trees and plants emit to ward off germs and insects, is attributed to the immune-boosting power of forest bathing.
    • Improved cortisol (stress) response and improves mood: A study conducted in Taiwan concluded participants’ scores of “‘tension-anxiety’, ‘anger-hostility’, ‘fatigue-inertia’, ‘depression-dejection’, and ‘confusion-bewilderment’” were significantly lower, whereas the positive mood subscale score of “vigor-activity” was higher.” Participants in similar studies were tested for blood pressure and heart function, both of which showed impressive improvements.

    • The immune system boost and lowered stress levels means less illnesses. Forest bathing/grounding also reduces risk of heart disease, improves heart rate variability, and reduces blood viscosity and clumping.
    • Forest bathing gives your body a break from the non stop EMF assault of modern daily life.
    • Circadian rhythm regulation: The natural light and earthing help to normalize your circadian biology and reset your body’s internal machinery--resulting in better sleep.
    • Microbiome diversity: Inoculate your biome with healthy bacteria diversity. When we go into nature, we interact with the dirt and the air, which contain the natural biome of the forest.
    • ...and many more!

 Nature therapy is a cornerstone of Japanese medicine, it’s even a part of their national health program. Incorporating forest bathing into your life is one of the simplest and most effective things you can do to stack the functions of a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating nature based activities into your life offers many benefits to your longevity and overall well being such as: immune boosting, stress reduction and better sleep.

How to forest bathe:

The most straightforward way to forest bathe is to simply go out into nature. However, a more holistic philosophy often accompanies forest bathing and Shinrin-yoku. This philosophy encourages holding the intention to connect with nature, to heal, and to make your time spent outdoors meaningful.

Forest bathing can be done by anyone. There is no physical requirement, in fact, in Japan, a one mile distance (or less) is usually covered in two to four hours! This is not a hike or a strenuous physical activity, this is simply reaping the benefits of mother earth and allowing the healing properties into your life.

Forest bathing is a great way to prompt a rewilded lifestyle and spend more time in the dirt.







Born to Run: Seed of the Rewilding Movement

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In 2009 the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall hit shelves and a phenomenon was created seemingly overnight. For many, the book was a revelation whose inspiration caused a cascade of insights that led down a path of freedom and self discovery and ignited the minimalist footwear/barefoot running revolution. Born to Run spent 178 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list and Matthew McConaughey has reportedly signed on to star in the movie adaptation. Paralleling the barefoot running revolution is a smaller, ever growing movement known as ReWilding. Arguably, the success of ReWilding can be attributed to Born to Run as well.

Rewilders believe that with the advent of agriculture humans have become domesticated and in the process have lost our birthright of robust health, happiness and freedom. ReWilding is the process of undoing the human domestication framework and returning to our ancient pre agricultural lifeways while taking such wisdom and lessons as have been gleaned from civilization along the way. The two are combined to create stronger, healthier, more resilient individuals and communities which are profoundly connected to each other, their environment and the planet.

While the disparate elements that would eventually evolve into the ReWilding movement were germinating at the time, it was the fervor created by the book that set the conditions for the movement's success. At the center of the Born to Run story are the Tarahumara natives who dwell in the Copper Canyon in Northern Mexico. While not completely Hunter gatherers (relying a great deal on Corn) they nonetheless retain a tradition of wild living that has remained relatively unchanged despite western encroachment for hundreds of years. Most of the Raramuri (Running People) as they call themselves, exemplify many admirable traits that come from a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature and their distance from the modern Western world. Being incredibly fit as well as having very low incidence of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity, their elderly live to be quite old, regularly performing feats of endurance far outstripping what even many accomplished younger athletes in the “first world” achieve. Not to mention the legendary seemingly superhuman speed, agility and joyful endurance displayed by their elites while crushing the competition in Ultra Marathon races across the U.S.. Domestic violence, theft, and drug abuse are also nearly unheard of within their communities, although this becomes less so the closer a settlement is to a well traveled road or modern community.

For many, the idea that there were people living today that exemplified such an admirable way of life was exciting and inspiring. It was clear that the vitality, happiness, and robust health these “primitive” peoples displayed was somehow the result of their older, simpler, self sufficient, minimalist way of being. Their traditions, diet and attitudes were closely examined and many copied. Minimalist running shoes, especially the style of sandals the Tarahumara used called huaraches appeared everywhere. Not only were companies making minimal footwear, but individuals were experimenting creating their own. Chia seeds, a staple in the Copper Canyon became the latest “Super Food” craze to hit health food stores.

The idea that it is the birthright of all humans to perform incredible feats of endurance and athleticism without injury, while wearing a smile, began to permeate our collective consciousness. The conditions were set so that when pioneers in the ReWilding movement such as Erwan LeCorre and Daniel Vitalis began teaching and sharing their knowledge, a wide audience of receptive and eager minds were there to soak up the new information and the modern ReWilding movement was born. 

Minimalist Camping in Sandals

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minimalist camping in sandals

I and another Earth Runner recently went on a multi day packing trip into the Ansel Adams Wilderness. We wore a new Alpha prototype we are testing, and things could not have gone any smoother for our feet! This continues to be the universal favorite model for it’s all purpose application and superior moldability.

Being the first backpacking trip in sandals for us both, we marveled at the complete freedom from foot issues usually associated with such a trip in boots.


Whole foods

There is something profoundly invigorating about minimalist travel into the back country. Existing for a time in a way that connects us to our deep ancestry is incredibly fulfilling on many levels. The satisfying simplicity of this humbling experience quickly reminds us of our true needs and provides great perspective on what is really important in life.


My passion for real food is magnified while immersed in nature. Flavors become incredibly pronounced and my gratitude for nourishment never so strong. I have been consuming a whole foods centered diet for many years but this was my first camping trip with Bulletproof–butter infused–coffee! A revitalizing way to start the day which fueled our adventures with lots of well needed energy! Long days on the move, burning lots of calories, I felt I earned my food more than in my "civil" life back in town. Packing in all the ingredients for the adventure, aside from water, made for much simpler meals that easily digested. Back home, this trip has encouraged me to "earn" my food through more regular daily movement and to keep my menu simple.

Earthrunner1987When the sun goes down–and fires are out of the question, there is not much to do other than admire the stars and drift off to sleep. Once liberated from the societal comfort of sleeping indoors I uncovered an innate magnetism to sleeping out in the wild. As my teacher always said in my Psychology of Sleep class, “Remarkable dreams happen in remarkable places.” It was amazing to camp in pristine nature at eight thousand feet and experience how it affected my dreams.

#BeFreeSandals www.EarthRunners.com

Experiencing this be free lifestyle is something I wish everybody would do more. Upon returning to society my circadian rhythm is re-calibrated and I feel revitalized. I don’t believe there is any better conditioning on Earth than to truly experience it’s wildness.

 minimalist backpacking sandals


Rewild Your Life: Installment #1

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rewild your life

Having lived the Earth Runner lifestyle for a few years now has provided the wonderful opportunity to share my passion with the world while meeting many like minded people along the way. These connections reinforce my desire to stay grounded and create a positive environment for myself that encourages authenticity and growth. I am excited to announce that this spring marks a pinnacle moment in my personal journey where I am approaching a level of health ready to start radiating my energy and knowledge to the Grounded Symbiosis community!

Life has presented many challenges throughout the journey stimulating growth beyond my wildest dreams. I constantly find myself outside my comfort zone encountering synchronistic reminders encouraging me on my path. With my past decade of experience and research I feel like I have a lot to share and I'm excited to have an audience who can appreciate and benefit from what I have to offer.

This may sound like a rather personal post to receive from a sandal company but I envision rewild be freeEarth Runners as a lifestyle brand that encourages personal development. Our feet are the foundation of our physical body and the 'sole' is our connection point to the Universe. Connecting with the Earth on a regular basis helps to minimize the distractions of modern society and restore our oneness with the internal and external Universe.

Installment #1: As modern day technology manifests what was considered science fiction of the 1970's, we still don't have a better prescription for health than spending more time out in nature. It is really that simple. I wont burden you with all the ways in which moderns society is detrimental to your health as the reality may look a bit grim. Clearly, the collective consciousness needs to shift out of a persistent state of fear and protection and back into a state of growth and connection.

We are excited to sponsor the Rewild Your Life 30 day challenge by WeAreWildness.com Spend at least 30 minutes per day outside in nature for 30 days. The challenge starts on April 1st so you have plenty of time to prepare and get your friends to join with you!

All you have to do is sign up here by clicking the link and entering your name and email and you will be emailed the guidelines and the link to the challenge Facebook group on March 31st. Starting April 1st you will also receive a daily email with rewilding activities, nature quotes, information and more.

The challenge Facebook group is one of the best parts of the whole challenge. Once you have completed your daily 30 minutes of rewilding you can share photos, videos, blog posts, and stories about what you did/saw/experienced that day (It's all optional, but fun to share!). The group last year was absolutely amazing and there were so many beautiful pictures and experiences shared, and new friendships formed. Your outdoor pictures are welcome on the Earth Runner's Facebook page as well to help support our efforts to spread the importance of our communion with nature.

There are many great sponsors this year & awesome prizes you can win (Including Circadian Earth Runners & wool tabi socks). Awesome outdoor gear you can use to enhance your experiences in nature, stunning nature-inspired artwork, & mind expanding books full of knowledge that is sure to help you Rewild Your Life even further. With so many prizes to give away, your chances of winning will be pretty good! Join the challenge and find out how you can get multiple chances to win a prize. Click here to sign up! we are wildness

Neurological Deficient Epidemic

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In the modern world we have created a lifestyle that starves our neurology on both a physical and electrical level. When comparing the developments of today with primitive lifestyles, you notice our interaction with the outside world has been muted in many ways. Here at Earth Runners we promote a rewinding lifestyle encouraging people to spend more time out in nature.

In modern society we live in raised houses and walk insulated housesaround in thick insulated shoes, minimizing out contact with the natural world. When we do make it outside into the elements we usually get around in cars and rarely walk or run. Our exercise usually takes place in a gym or on a flat paved surface in thick rubber shoes. This lack of interaction with our natural surroundings both physically and electrically affects our body’s ability to perform at its natural abundant state.

Insulated shoesAs a society we have developed weak physical conditioning where most people don’t practice the full mechanical capacity of their bodies. Conventional fitness shrinks everything down to simple, repetitive, and predictable processes that lack the stimulation needed to maintain healthy nerve function. By compartmentalizing our exercises into non-engaging regular activities deprives our nerve receptors of stimulation, and as a result, hinders their ability to send proper impulses to the brain.

DysafferentationOur nervous system is composed of a constantly evolving web of electrochemical sensors we must stimulate and exercise regularly to maintain their proper function. By walking around our entire lives in over cushioned shoes and confining our movement to domesticated processes limits stimulation to our nerve receptors in the joints, tendons, and muscles throughout the body. This lack of afferent stimulation can lead to what is called dysafferentation. Dysafferentation is abnormal afferent input that slowly deteriorates motor control by weakening reflex muscle activity, affecting joint and muscle mobility, and later on can lead to compromised spinal function and all sorts of disease.

We have some 1,300 nerve ending per square inch on the bottom our feet which makes one think we were designed to plug into the harmonizing effect of the Earth, by walking barefoot. When barefoot on a natural surface we are grounded to the zero potential of the Earth, this is also known as Earthinearthing umbrella effectg. Earthing is believed to allow the body to achieve greater physiological stability by coordinating diverse bodily rhythms with not only with the light and dark cycle, but with the natural rhythms of the environment. Studies have shown an immediate reduction in skin conductance when grounded, indicating a rapid activation of the calming-mode of the parasympathetic nervous system. Grounding our body’s electricity essentially restores our natural state by synchronizing our biological clocks, hormonal cycles and physiological rhythms.

Both our body and the Earth run at the same frequency of 7.83 Hertz, also known as the Schumann resonances. This portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum is an alpha brain wave that works as a timing signal for the human body, helping to coordinate complex internal functions with our circadian rhythm.Schumann resonances Blood tests taken before and after grounding reveal a smoothing in the blood with normalized secretion of Cortisol, the main hormone responsible for combating stress. Heart monitoring also shows an increased variability in heart rate, another sign of balanced neurological function. These are all clear indications of how a more grounded lifestyle can help improve the function and heath of your body.

Here at Earth Runners we are excited to provide a solution to this neurological deficient epidemic by offering rewilding minimalist sandals; footwear that will help to rewild and reconnect people on a neurological level. Our goal is to inspire others to get outside and tap into their true nature through movement exploration. As Earth Runners, we advocate the development of functional strength through natural movement to help cultivate one’s best self.