Minimalist Adventure

Colin Evans

The idea of minimalism isn’t a new one but as our culture trends towards ever increasing complexity and the proliferation of “stuff,” minimalism is rapidly gaining in popularity as more and more people seek a simpler path. Perhaps the most converts come from avid travelers. By definition a minimalist will have less to carry and thus worry about. A light load lends itself to spontaneity and thus a greater possibility of adventure. Everything a minimalist carries will have more than one use, and this approach means they are actually more prepared for the unexpected. When seeking adventure in out of the way places, less stuff means greater mobility and access to greater ranging into parts unknown. Arriving at an incredible spot in the backcountry feeling refreshed because your pack was ultralight or finding that perfect secluded camping spot alongside the river deep in BLM land because your motorcycle was unencumbered brings an incredible uplifting feeling of freedom that can be garnered no other way. That’s what it’s all about. 

Photos thanks to @iamstephensmith