Brian Johnson

"I passionately want people to move and live better, starting from the ground up."

Location:  Dallas, TX

Main Activities:  All things movement-related.

Loves:  Being outdoors while moving = complete bliss!

Advice:  Movement Tip = more time barefoot exploring the urban landscape

Spirit Animal:  Delicate cat meets monkey.

Relaxation:  Gardening, playing guitar, reading

Favorite Food:  Anything with nuts

Favorite Place:  Currently, enjoying spending cool summer days in Colorado.

Work:  Owner and teacher at The Movement Standard

Favorite book:  Zen Mind Beginner's Mind

Favorite Podcasts:  Joe Rogan

Favorite quote:  "Wherever you go, there you are."

Inspired by:  My mother

% of waking life spent in Earth Runners:  Haha! Any time I'm not barefoot

Advice for those new to minimalist footwear, wanting to try Earth Runners:  Start slow

Favorite athletic accomplishment from last year:  Learning how to do a one arm handstand

Active goals for this year:  Move everyday - practice what I'm not good at.

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