Cameron Bates

"Shifting perspective and thinking freely has allowed me to manifest joy day by day."

Hometown:  Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Current town:
  Jackson, WY

Main Activities:
  Hiking, backpacking, snowboarding & soon sport climbing.

  Nature, wildlife, outdoor adventure, sustainability & the human connection

Spirit Animal:
  Dog; energetic, enthusiastic, always excited to go outside. 

  CBD tinctures with epsom salt foot soak & a good read

Favorite Place:
  Western USA


  My eccentric humor that makes people feel comfortable around me

Favorite book:
  Currently Emotional Intelligence, a whole other level of intelligence that has been neglected by society for too long!

Inspired by: 
 My older brother, Chris. His steadfast dedication to health & wellness has had a profound impression on me in the past decade and has led me to a love for fitness, nutrition & wellness.

Advice for those new to minimalist footwear, wanting to try Earth Runners:
  Pace yourself in your barefoot journey; learn your new form, your cadence & enjoy the slow transition as your feet grow stronger. Ground as much as you can and do foot strengthening exercises! Most of all, don't be afraid to spread the word; this movement is real & it's your duty to help others now that you know the benefits of leaving the foot coffins!

Favorite athletic accomplishment from last year: 
 Last year was my first winter season & I enjoyed 108 days on the mountain with over 2 million vertical feet; but I also did my first solo-backpacking trip on the Teton Crest Trail that next summer. Apples to oranges but very proud of both because I just moved out West less than 2 years ago and love all of the possibilities out here!

Active goals for this year:
  This year I want to summit the Grand Teton & get comfortable leading on sport climbing routes so I can eventually trad climb.

Parting words:  Growing up in Florida, the heat, humidity & lack of topographical change made my adventures pretty lackluster. I moved out West and discovered the mountains and the outdoor adventure community. It changed my perspective, my lifestyle & my life all together.
I've become a die-hard fan of the barefoot movement & I believe in the benefits. I live out the benefits each day, and I love the energy from Earth Runners.  

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