FAQ Tab Elemental Adventure Sandals

What type of rubber is used on the Elemental? Is it natural?

The sole is an 8mm Vibram® Gumlite Outsole which is an expanded rubber compound with a specific weight 40% less than solid rubbers. It is not made of 100% natural rubber but it is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant.

How do I decide between the Elemental Lifestyle Sandals or Elemental Adventure Sandals?

The only difference between these two Elemental models are the lace, with the performance laced (adventure) sandals costing $5 more than the lifestyle laced edition. The lifestyle laces offer slightly more comfort while the performance (adventure) lace is more burly & secure. They come in different color schemes which may be a deciding factor.

What aspect of the Elemental distinguishes its performance from the other sandal models?

The Elemental features no bedding allowing it to shed water and keep its lightweight properties in wet conditions.

Who is the ideal candidate for a pair of Elementals?

Somebody with strong feet who is looking for the minimal amount of protection. They are most likely a frequent barefooter and just looking for some something to expand their barefoot range.

*This sole thickness reads 8mm but it feels more like 6mm due to its rather low density composition.