Jenn Bethune

Hometown = Valrico, FL

Current town = We live in our bus and travel the country, to some amazing places. Right now we are in Eustis, FL

Main Activities = hiking, traveling, Bus Life-ing, national & state parks, & a ton more

Love = for People Staying weird & Eccentric

Spirit Animal = Betty White

Relaxation = Grounding & Yoga in nature

Favorite Food = 🍟 French fries 😍

Favorite Place = Anywhere my bus is parked

Work = Content Creators, real estate investors

Your quirk = We are just a rolling dumpster fire

Favorite book = “Find your Yellow Tux” by Jesse Cole

Favorite Podcasts = A Mother’s Intuition

Favorite quote = “You’ll either find a way to make it happen, or make an excuse not to”

Your inspiration = Waking up to live a life we love, every single day

Best advice (received) = You can’t please everyone, just focus on pleasing yourself

% of waking life spent in Earth Runners = 98% of my life (I even have the toe socks 🧦 for year round wear)

Advice to new Earth Runners = People considering sandaling up- DEFINITELY measure your feet the way that it’s described on the website, don’t just order your shoe size.

What is your favorite athletic accomplishment from last year? Getting to hike in 5 national parks in my ER’s

What are your active goals for this year? Get out in nature as much as possible, every single day.

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