Leah Drew

Hometown = Mansfield, Massachusetts

Current town = Huntington Beach, California

Main Activities = Swimming, hiking, biking, climbing, surfing, yoga, meditation, traveling, exploring, and so much more. 

Love= Spreading my love, helping people heal & grow, hula hooping, meeting new people, diving down rabbit holes, engaging in conscious conversations, keeping my body moving, exploring the world, and stepping outside my comfort zone every day.

Tips = Do something every single day that makes you uncomfortable.

Spirit Animal = Butterfly, Whale & Polar Bear

Relaxation = I love spending time with the ocean, grounding my feet with mother earth, breathwork, meditation, and anything that gets me into a flow state.

Favorite Food = Cookies, definitely cookies.

Favorite Place = The beach & the ocean

Work = I am a pain management & movement specialist, A mind-body healer & and an expansion mentor. I help people reduce their physical & mental pain, release trauma from the body, and help them step into their power to live the life that brings them joy & aligns with their desires.

Your quirk = I love singing the most ridiculous things to myself, and making myself laugh as hard as I can.

Favorite book = “The Body Keeps The Score” by Bessel Van

Favorite Podcasts = The feminine frequency podcast, The one things w/ Geoff Woods

Favorite quote = “You fall, you rise, you make mistakes, you live, you learn. You’re human, not perfect. You’ve been hurt, but you’re alive. Think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive—to breathe, to think, to enjoy, and to chase the things you love. Sometimes there is sadness in our journey, but there is also lots of beauty. We must keep putting one foot in front of the other even when we hurt, for we will never know what is waiting for us just around the bend.” - Unknown

Your inspiration = Every person in this life is an inspiration to me, especially the beautiful humans in my inner circle

Best advice (received) = Connect with your breath

% of waking life spent in Earth Runners = 95% of the time that I choose to wear shoes and am not barefoot

Advice to new Earth Runners = People considering sandaling up = If you are new to the barefoot game, start slow. Your feet will need some time to acclimate. Spend a little bit of time each day in your new shoes and build up until you are walking miles in them every day :)

What is your favorite athletic accomplishment from last year? Learning to rock climb!

What are your active goals for this year? Continue cross training & strengthen my skills surfing & rock climbing.

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