Decal Application Instructions

Note: Adhesive sticks best when surface temperature is between 50-80° F (10-27° C)

Step 1: Start with a totally clean and dry surface. If you use a cleaning product, give it extra time to dry to ensure there is no residue left.

Step 2: Using a flat firm object (like a credit card or driver’s license), smooth out the sticker to ensure sticker and clear masking stick together.

Step 3: Peel the sticker apart: The clear masking will bring the sticker up with it.
If any part of the sticker doesn’t lift with the clear backing, stop and peel from the opposite corner. 

Step 4: Apply sticker to your surface and smooth out (with the credit card, driver’s license, etc.). Be sure to apply pressure to every edge and component of the sticker to make sure it adheres to your surface.

Step 6: Slowly peel back masking from sticker. If any part of the sticker lifts up with the clear backing, lower the clear masking slightly and use your credit card/etc to press the sticker down. You can also start lifting the clear masking from another direction. 

wipe down surface evenly press down decal
peel away decal adhesive put decal on surface
credit card apply even pressure lift adhesive off

finished product decal successfully applied