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4M 6W 3 36 23.4cm 9-3/16" Printer-icon
4.5M 6.5W 3.5 36 23.8cm 9-3/8" Printer-icon
5M 7W 4 37 24.2cm 9-9/16" Printer-icon
5.5M 7.5W 4.5 37.5 24.5cm 9-11/16" Printer-icon
6M 8W 5 38 24.9cm 9-13/16" Printer-icon
6.5M 8.5W 5.5 39 25.4cm 10" Printer-icon
7M 9W 6 39 25.7cm 10-1/8" Printer-icon
7.5M 9.5W 6.5 40 26.1cm 10-1/4" Printer-icon
8M 10W 7 41 26.5cm 10-7/16" Printer-icon
8.5M 10.5W 7.5 41 26.9cm 10-9/16" Printer-icon
9M 11W 8 42 27.3cm 10-11/16" Printer-icon
9.5M 11.5W 8.5 43 27.8cm 10-7/8" Printer-icon
10M 12W 9 43 28.2cm 11-1/16" Printer-icon
10.5M 12.5W 9.5 44 28.5cm 11-3/16" Printer-icon
11M 13W 10 44.5 28.9cm 11-3/8" Printer-icon
11.5M 13.5W 10.5 45 29.4cm 11-9/16" Printer-icon
12M 14W 11 46 29.8cm 11-3/4" Printer-icon
12.5M 14.5W 11.5 46 30.1cm 11-7/8" Printer-icon
13M 15W 12 47 30.4cm 12-1/16" Printer-icon
13.5M 15.5W 12.5 47.5 30.8cm 12-1/8" Printer-icon
14M 16W 13 48 31.2cm 12-1/4" Printer-icon
Children's Sandals Size SANDAL LENGTH PRINT
K12 19 cm 7-1/2 inch Printer-icon
K13 19.8 cm 7-13/16 inch Printer-icon
1 20.6 cm 8-1/8 inch Printer-icon
2 21.5 cm 8-1/2 inch Printer-icon
3 22.4 cm 8-13/16 inch Printer-icon

 minimalist outdoor sandals

Print & 'try on the sandals' before ordering!

  • 1 -  Click the corresponding size's Printer Icon
  • 2 -  Download the PDF to your computer
  • 3 -  Print the size template in "actual size" 
  • 4 -  Compare with your foot & confirm your size

    • 3.1 -  When printing our templates, make sure the "scale" in the Print Window is set to 100% or actual size to ensure the size is accurate.
    • 3.2 -  If using the Chrome browser, make sure the "fit to page" checkbox is unchecked.
    • 3.3 -  After you print out the template, double check the scale of the template and compare with a ruler.

    • 4.1 -  On a hard, flat surface, place the toe hole mark between your big & second toe.
    • 4.2 -  Toes should be close to the edge, but not hang over. Want our opinion? Send a photo of your foot on the template via our contact page.

**Reminder: The most common mistake is not having the having the template accurately printed, so double check with a ruler.

Doesn't Fit?

If you're not satisfied with how your sandals fit, return them within 30 days, as long as they're unworn, unwashed and unaltered.

See Return Policy


Here we have provided some approximations of how your foot on the template may translate to wearing the sandal on your foot. Note: People have a tendency to want to order sandals with extra space. We actually recommend choosing the size with as little extra space between your toes/heel and the edges of the sandal. A close fit is ideal, reducing sloppy strides and tripping hazard.

This is a good fit.
This is a good fit.
This is slightly too big; we would recommend a half size smaller.
This is a good fit.
This is much too large. We would recommend 1-1.5 sizes smaller.
This is too small. While we like a close fit, we don't want your toes hanging off the sandal! We would recommend a size up.
Though some people are happy with this fit, we would recommend a half size bigger.

Shoes are one of the most intimate articles of clothing we use on a daily basis and we understand your dilemma in trying to order the perfect size. We have heard the questions asked in every combination: What size should I get? How should the sandals fit? Does this size fit me? Is this size too big? Is this the right size? What do you think of this size on me? Is this how it is supposed to fit? Which size looks best?