The pulse of the Earth is the pulse of Life itself.

In the 1950s, we discovered the electromagnetic field surrounding the Earth, called the Schumann Resonance. In between the Earth and the ionosphere are a series of extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic resonances which has connected all living things to the earth for all of time-- up until now.

Here’s the problem. Modern life disconnects us from our natural electric state and hinders our body's ability to function optimally.

earthing barefoot protection from emf
bedroom blue light emf

Problem #1: If we consider the fundamental changes in our lifestyle over the past century, what seems to have been overlooked is our electrical connection to the Earth. All life has lived grounded electrically to the Earth at every point in life’s history, up until modern times. These days, we spend our days indoors, in cars, and even when we’re outside we wear insulated shoes that prevent us from connecting to the earth through earthing, also known as grounding.

Problem #2: On top of being isolated from the harmonizing frequencies of the Earth, we are constantly bombarded with nnEMF (non-native electromagnetic frequencies). nnEMF is emitted from electric devices like cell phones, microwaves, wifi, powerlines, and even light bulbs. This type of radiation is extremely confusing, and damaging, to our biology. [1]

Being surrounded by man-made nnEMF and disconnected from the (native, low-frequency) EMF of the Schumann resonance disrupts our internal clock’s ability to tell time (our “circadian rhythm,” the sleep/wake cycle) and coordinate nanoscopic biochemical reactions that are crucial for optimal health. 

earthing syncs circadian rhythm
grounding reduces inflammation

When we address the current health of the developing world, inflammation stands as the central health issue of our time.

As life has evolved here on Earth it not only paid attention to the light and dark cycle, but it ingrained the frequency of the Schumann resonance into our biology. The brain uses this natural resonance along with light and dark to tell time. The master controller of all life is time, and when our internal timing is off, a myriad of missed biochemical reactions result in inflammation. Inflammation is often called ‘the root of all modern disease.’ (Luckily, earthing has been shown to lower inflammation, as pictured. [2]) 

The frequency of the Earth, the Schumann Resonances, have a distinct peak at 7.83Hz, which  matches the frequency of brain waves associated with meditation, inner calm, creativity, mindfulness, and healing. Studies show that separation from the Earth's natural light and frequencies confuses your circadian rhythm and plays a part in affective disorders, such as depression and bipolar disorder. [3,4]

body earth sync schumann resonance
schumann resonance frequencies

This is why being outside feels so refreshing: you're literally hitting the reset button on your biology and syncing to the natural rhythm of the Earth, as nature intended.

Going barefoot connects us to the harmonizing rhythms of the Schumann resonance.

When we go barefoot at the beach, swim in the ocean, or wear earthing shoes, we share the same electrical potential as the Earth and therefore submerge ourselves in the harmonizing rhythms of the Schumann resonance. These experiences reveal the peace and clarity these types of earthing practices bring into our life.

grounding foot earth connection

Listen To The Experts

For further info on how earthing can help normalize your circadian cycle and avoid the harmful effects of high-frequency-man-made EMF, check out what these different experts have to say about it:

    • Neurosurgeon, quantum physics biohacker & optimal health coach: Jack Kruse. Read EMF 1: Does Your Rolex Work? for a detailed explanation of earthing and how it affects our human biology.
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Read more about the primal experience of living grounded to the earth, just as all life on this planet has evolved to do, and how training outdoors in earthing shoes offers optimal athletic performance and recovery.