FAQ Tab Toe Spacers

Can I wash these toe spacers?

Yes! These toe spacers are made from durable silicone which is waterproof for water adventures and cleanings.

How do I know if these will fit me?

These toe spreaders stretch to fit teens and adults alike.

Why do I need them?

Most modern footwear is narrow at the toes, which over time causes deformities (foot pain, bunions, overlapping toes) and other issues (balance problems, cold feet/poor circulation). Toe spacers help restore natural toe splay and healthy foot function. A good rule of thumb is to match time spent in narrow impacted footwear (heels, cleats, etc.) with time wearing toe spacers to help prevent deformation.

Why are your toes spaces for just four toes and not all five?

Aside from integrating more seamlessly with our sandals–which offer their own degree of toe separation between the first and second toe–the four toe spacer allows for more active-wear functionality. By leaving the big toe unencumbered, it can shift as needed to maintain stability and balance better during dynamic movement, as compared to a five toe spacer.