Jack Harrison

This is my life, I don't have a back up plan. I live, breathe and dream nature.

Hometown:  Fairfax, Central California

Current town:  Santa Cruz, CA

Main Activities:  Wilderness survival, being a feral human

Loves:  Dirt

Advice:  Stay true to yourself

Spirit Animal:  Wolverine

Relaxation:  Ice cold rivers in remote wilderness areas

Favorite Food:  Anything as long as it’s wild

Favorite Place:  California gold country

Work:  Wilderness Guide

Your quirk:  I’m crazy

Favorite book:  The Tracker

% of waking life spent in Earth Runners:  100%

Advice to people considering Earth Runners:  Transition into them, walk barefoot and get used to having a thong in between your toes. Eventually it’s all you will want to wear.

Favorite athletic accomplishment from last year:  Spending 6 months sleeping outdoors

Active goals for this year:  Spend over 50 days in the field backpacking

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