Kelly Lanphier


Hometown = Anaheim, CA

Current town = Sebastopol, CA

Main Activities = Gardening, dancing, climbing trees, hiking, creation, learning and empowering others through creative education

Love for  = Earth, animals, human connection, evolving as a soul.

Spirit Animal = Snow Leopard, Jellyfish, Butterfly

Relaxation = Earth stewardship and connecting with plants

Favorite Food = Tropical fruits! Durian and Jackfruit are my favorites.

Favorite Place = Anywhere in the tropics

Work = Content creator, educator, brand identity development, artist

Your quirk = Synesthesia

Favorite book = Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Favorite Podcasts = Mito Life Radio

Favorite quote = “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” ― Albert Einstein

Your inspiration = Earth

Best advice (received) = Be like water.

% of waking life spent in Earth Runners = 90% Advice to new Earth Runners = People considering sandaling up. Unlearn what you’ve been taught about footwear so you can relearn what your feet should actually feel like. Embrace the feet freedom and re-wild your soul.

What is your favorite athletic accomplishment from last year? Holding handstands for over 30 seconds.

What are your active goals for this year? To tap back into my flexibility and be able to open up my hips further. Splits on both sides all the way to the ground. 

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