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Comparison Review:

Barefoot Inclined- Circadian & Alpha Comparison Review

Alpha Model: (This model is discontinued)

Ultra Marathon Runner Luke Ashton

Cardiosaurus- Run, Read, Rediscover, Repeat

Chronicles of Kate: Alpha Earth Runners Review- "I don’t know if I can say that there is anything that I would really change about the sandals."

Circadian Model:

Beginning Barefoot- Feel Better Running

Raw Vegan Minimalist Runner- Forty Below Fruity (video)

Ultra Marathon Runner Luke Ashton

Barefoot Monologues: A Journey of the Sole

Warrior Women

Free Fit Guy (Video review) MovNat Certified Trainer

Birthday Shoes - Vibram Five Fingers and Minimalist Footwear

"I literally wear these things every single day."
- A Return to Simplicity

"Earth Runner Huaraches came today! Very comfortable!"
- Barefoot Angie Bee (Video review)

"I really like the unique features of these sandals, and they proved to be very comfortable to run in."
- Barefoot Inclined

"Each time I take them off, I instantly wish I had them on again. They feel that good on. I’m usually a “shoes off the moment I get in the door” person. Not with these."
-Running Unplugged

"All in all, these are really great minimalist sandals. They're durable, comfortable, and VERY nicely made."

"These straps are well placed and they do make it feel as though the sandal is a part of your foot when you walk [...] Earthing is very important to me and wearing this kind of footwear in a natural environment is a way of obtaining some of the benefits of going barefoot."

"I’ve tried other running sandals, with mixed results. My primary concern has revolved around the lacing system [...] Earth Runners have definitely improved on this by using webbing, which means they are waterproof and won’t stretch, and the webbing lies flat on the feet, for more comfort. Friction buckles means they can be tightened as much as is desired"
- Midwest Multisport Life

"I wear these shoes all the time.  Period.  The only time I’m not wearing them is at work." - Vegetarian Barefoot Runner

"I recently got a chance to try a minimalist/grounding shoe that is truly the best of both worlds for those who are serious about foot health." - Wellness Mama

eXtreme Earth Runners Reviews

Comparison review:

Birthday Shoes: Alpha X and Circadian X Running Sandals Review

Circadian X Model:

I run only in the Vibram Five Fingers (VFF) and the Circadian X sandals are very comparable to the VFFs on a minimalist level.

Toe Salad: The Earth Runners Circadian X

“Earthing” and the Earth Runners “Circadian X” review -

My First Impressions of the Earth Runners Minimalist Huarché Sandals for (Almost) Barefoot Running, Walking, Hiking, and More!

Earth Runners Circadian X sandals - High quality, good proprioception underfoot, nice price.

REVIEW: Earth Runners Circadian X huaraches - All in all, I would definitely recommend these sandals to anybody looking for a solid minimalist option in the huarache market. -

Review: Earth Runners and the Earthing Movement

Alpha X Model:

Alpha X Earth Runners review with slip-on laces- My overall conclusion is that these are nicely made, comfortable sandals that may provide some beneficial qualities over and above the pleasure of being able to safely go almost-barefoot.

Alpha X Earth Runners Product Review - I found them great for walking around and the fit is highly conducive to running (no pun intended).

Wellness Media Alpha X Slip-on Earth Runners review - Shoes That Keep You Grounded!

Alpha X Earth Runners

Review: Earth Runner Alpha X Sandals - For comfort, looks, and general goodness, I don’t think there’s a sandal on the market that can beat the Alpha X. -

Alpha X Earth Runner Review with slip-on laces: "A few things I LOVE about this sandal are they are super easy to get on and off, they look awesome and are the most comfortable walking shoe ever!" - Paleo Boss Lady

"The Earth Runners Alpha X sandal has been exactly what I have been looking for. Minimalist profile, great traction, and super lightweight makes for a winner in my book." -

Circadian Earth RunnersCircadina X earth runnersAlpha Earth RunnersAlpha X Earth Runners

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