Lance Thompson

"Come from the heart. Don't assume. Ask questions."

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Hometown:  Pittsburg, KS

Current town:  Tempe, AZ

Main Activities: 
As many activities as time allows for! I particularly enjoy yoga, calisthenics, hiking, sunrise hikes, backpacking, bouldering, handstands, and have been broadening my horizons into other forms of movement as well. Often times, I do whatever the rhythm of the day (work depending). In ERs, I've experienced foot liberation with an open toe box. I'm able to find good running lines through little hills/slopes, hop up boulders, pivot in sand, jog streets, run through valleys and backpack dozens of miles all while find that I generally feel lighter and carry myself further. It's a little like floating.

  The earth, my family, food, and movement. A.K.A. The ecosystem, environments of Earth, my family, my friends, and food - The real necessities. I cherish a good back rub too. I really like rawness, originality, and truth. Originally, I wanted to go to school for Naturopathy, as I deduce the best medicine is nature oriented. It's like the modern world has shunned prevention methods in regards to health because it's not profitable. Honoring those natural cycles and rhythms of Earth is so important and apparently some kind of secret. I also really love a company that is eco-friendly. There's a missing connection in our increasingly technology driven world. It's really quite contradictory... I remember as a little boy I ran around everywhere barefoot, as we had a big open yard in Kansas with green, green grass. Having two older sisters who I ran in a pack with also helped. Perhaps that influenced who I am.

Spirit Animal:
  Domestically: Dogs. We've had many family dogs. Alternatively, A hummingbird, or monkey. I think I've had communicative moments with hummingbirds, so that's something I'm grateful for.

  Yoga (Meditation, Breathing, Asana), Writing/Journaling, Nature (Running Water, Visual Ish, etc), Planning a solid meal after working a lot, Massages, Swimming Nonchalantly

Favorite Food:
  Lately, it's been fruit, avocado, walnut meat, cashew cheeze, vegetables, eggs, fish, pasta, beans, rice, seasonings, oils... Fairly healthy eating. My weakness is Lenny & Larry's cookies. I've gone through many patterns of eating.

Favorite Place:
  Visiting my hometown in summertime, anywhere where there's running water, somewhere cool in a lush forest.

  Lead administrator for TTec, Independent Contractor as a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner

:  These are the funny ones, right? I'm kind of just quirky in general. I have a birthmark above my butt. I meditate outside every morning after 1 or 2 glasses of water.

Active goals for this year:
  In the first half of the year, my goals were to be more focused on my work and money. As I enter into the second half, I hope it's my original goals of travel/exploration.


Parting words:  The body excels when it has a 'strong foundation'. Why not put more focus into something that is integral to the foundation of your body? You can strengthen, liberate, and explore all in your ER'S. The grounding effect is incredible.

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