Laura Lyn Aldea


Hometown = Bellflower, CA

Current town = Honolulu, HI

Main Activities = hiking, biking, backpacking, climbing, camping, snowboarding, volleyball, & basically playing outside all day with friends

Love for Nature = Heals 

Problem-solving Tips =  Be creative!

Spirit Animal = elephant

Relaxation = Body repair, in any form (nap, foot soak, massage, chiropractor, etc.)

Favorite Food = fish

Favorite Place = in the mountains where alpine lakes are found!

Work = ICU Nurse

Your quirk =  I unapologetically randomly bust out in song or dance, at any given time.

Favorite book = “To Shake the Sleeping Self” by Jedediah Jenkins

Favorite Podcasts =  Tim Ferriss, Freakanomics, 

Favorite quote =  “Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living.” -Albert Einstein

Your inspiration = every human around me.

Best advice (received) = Find what feels good.  

% of waking life spent in Earth Runners = 50%, otherwise, I’m barefoot or at work with closed-toed shoes!

Advice to new Earth Runners = As with everything in life, take your time and feel out. Your body needs time to rewild itself at its own pace.

What is your favorite athletic accomplishment from last year?  Cycling over 2.5K miles mainly on the island of Oahu and the western US, in Earth Runners!

What are your active goals for this year?  For my 36th year of life, I chose to move my body at least 36 mins (or more) every day!

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