Minimalist Earthing Sandals Helping The World Reconnect

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In early 2012 I created the first Earth Runner prototype and realized that this simple design was the solution to our obstructed earthing shoesconnection to Earth’s grounding effects. Insulating rubber soles were introduced into the footwear industry in the early 1900’s as a result of its superior grip and wear resistance to that of leather. To this day rubber continues to dominate the market due to its high performance properties and moldability. Our straightforward design features conductive inserts that run through the sole at low-impact-zones, allowing the feet to tap into the vital energies of the Earth, and restore one’s natural electrical state.

To compliment the concept of reconnecting with the Earth we paired our unique grounding system with the ancient minimalist running sandal design of huaraches. running sandalsThe elegant and timeless design of huaraches originates out of North Western Mexico from a tribe renowned for their long distance runners, the Tarahumara Native American Indians. The minimalist nature of these sandals allows for an experience similar to that of going barefoot, while still enjoying a measure of safety from varied terrains or street hazards. The ground feel provided by minimalist sandals encourages a more natural gait and articulation of the foot muscles, allowing one to build their inherent foundational strength and regular nerve function. For more information on this, check out Neurological Deficient Epidemic.

By combining these two concepts we are excited to offer minimalist earthing sandals that allow access to the Earth's harmonizing effects anywhere. Just as the energy of the sun contributes to our optimal health and wellbeing, recent studies revile that our connection to the Earth, via grounding, is just as important. Earth Runners now have the freedom to explore the vast expanses of the Earth, while maintaining an intimate symbiotic connection. An old Tarahumara saying reads, "When you run on the Earth and run with the Earth, you can run forever."

Here at Earth Runners we believe that the children earthing sandalsearthing movement is just getting started, and we feel privileged to help others tap into the source energy present in the Earth. As a pledge to help reconnect the world, we are happy to donate a pair of Earth Runners to Seva Sandals for every 10 pairs sold. Last September, the founders of Seva Sandals hand delivered a load of sandals to Mother Miracle School in Rishikesh, India. These donated sandals help the children maintain their quality of life by preventing infections from soil-transmitted diseases, while still allowing them to stay connected to the Earth. After seeing the glowing smiles of these children in their new sandals, it put all my prior hard work into perspective and fueled my drive to continue developing Earth Runners! seva sandals donation

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Would like to buy a pair of the runner sandals please. How much and could I pay into account rather than credit card

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