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Aimee Coustier

BFM 24: Earth Runner Sandals with founder Mike Dally

The Earth Runners founder, Mike Dally, joined the Barefoot Podiatrist for a podcast to share the story of Earth Runners. In this episode, you’ll learn what inspired Mike to merge barefoot footwear and natural grounding techniques to create Earth Runners minimalist earthing sandals. Tune in and discover: 

👣 How Earth Runners got its start
👣 The evolution of our minimalist grounding sandals
👣 What are barefoot sandals? (Hint: they're NOT flip flops!)
👣 Why earthing is beneficial to your health
👣 and more! 

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Show Notes:

1:30 How Earth Runners got its start: From garage tinkering to barefoot entrepreneur
11:40  What are barefoot sandals? (Hint: they're NOT flip flops!)
14:40 The benefits of grounding, the evolution of the Earth Runners copper earthing plug, & conductive laces
26:10 Moving forward: More epic adventure-ready sandals in the works
30:55 Transitioning to minimalist footwear
39:10 What goes into making the sandals: handmade sandals, carefully selected materials, exceptional warranty, and small-batch production.
46:35 Our new organic cotton footbedding: breathability, wicking, and traction.

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Special thanks to Paul Thompson for the opportunity to talk barefoot sandals with his audience on The Barefoot Movement Podcast (Parenting Guide for The "Perfect" Shoe)


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